King Humus Plus (Organic Soil Conditioner and Growth Stimulant | 100g Sachets)

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King Humus Plus

King Humus Plus is an organic soil conditioner and fertilizer enhancer which contains humic acids, potassium, and organic materials.

  • It is suitable for all crops and contains 100% of humic Acid, 12.1% potassium, and 91.12% organic matter.
  • The offered product can strengthen root vitality, promote quicker seed germination, enhance production, and crop appearance.
  • King Humus Plus could also be considered as a solution to the decrease of volatilization and leaching in plants.
  • The product benefits the soil by increasing the capacity of the soil to store water and by neutralizing the quality of the soil to increase the production of the crops.
  • In addition, it helps the soil in the prevention of doughtiness and it reduces the tendency of a landslide and soil elimination.
  • The offered soil conditioner (and growth stimulant) benefits the plant by stimulating the fast growth of the plant, enhancing the root growth and viability.
  • It increases the vitamin content of the plant and helps in nurturing the plant with the required nutrients.
  • King Humus Plus is proven to be safe, effective, eco-friendly, and very affordable.


Product analysis

Humic acid (dry basis) 87.5%
Potassium as K₂O (dry basis) 12.1%
Organic matter 91.12%
pH value 10
Water solubility 100%
Size 80 mesh
Appearance Brownish-black powder


King Humus Plus: Product Benefits

  • Improves seed germination.
  • Increases plant strength and immunity: It causes the development of stronger, immune-stimulated plants resistant to disease and aversive parasites.
  • Improvement of nutrients uptake: There is increased permeability of plant cell walls allowing absorption of more nutrients, resulting in more nutritious and better yielding harvests.
  • Moderates alkalinity and acidity levels in plants.
  • Stimulation of beneficial microbial activity.
  • Improvement of water holding capacity.
  • Acts as chelating agents: It can bind to pesticides and heavy metals in the soil preventing them from entering water and plant roots, thereby protecting plants from the absorption of toxic chemicals.
  • Support utilization of micro-elements.

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