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One of this product’s primary features is the hose’s capacity to be laid flat for storage, as the name would imply.


2 inches wide, 100 meters long (blue/black).
3 inches wide, 100 meters long (blue/black).

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Layflat hoses are available in blue or black and may be used for various applications, including transporting and releasing water for irrigation. Layflat hose is frequently used in a variety of engineering and construction project tasks.

As the name implies, one of this product’s primary features is the hose’s capacity to be laid flat for storage.
The PVC materials used to create the Layflat hoses make them exceptionally flexible and kink-resistant, enabling simple compression when not in use.
The device is easy to use, has the ability to be transported easily, and is perfect for storage.
Most oxidizing and reducing substances, dilute acids, and alkalis won’t harm layflat hoses. They are durable enough to resist wear and tear from use.


2 inches wide, 100 meters long (blue/black).
3 inches wide, 100 meters long (blue/black).
Application of a lay-flat hose
Layflat hoses are used for the transportation and release of fluids.
In general industries, civil and construction engineering, agriculture, and shipbuilding, they are particularly well suited for irrigation and water delivery applications.
Please take note that our Layflat hoses are grease and oil-resistant. However, they should not be used with solvents that include aromatics, such as benzene, gasoline, spirits, or xylol.

key attributes
The hoses are extremely flexible and kink-resistant.
They can withstand the majority of oxidizing, reducing, and diluting acids and alkalis. Additionally, this feature helps prevent the start of decaying and abrasion.

Layflat hoses are lightweight and easy to use, despite being sturdy and long-lasting.
Layflat hoses can be stored and removed with ease because of their collapsible form.

Product advantages
Comparing this product to others of the same diameters of spiral PVC delivery hoses, it offers the advantages of excellent performance and low weight.
It is also simpler to handle, transport, and store.

They are perfect for irrigation in fields like agriculture or construction.
When used in conjunction with a water pump, a Layflat hose can also be very useful for flood cleanup. A layflat hose is used to dump the water that the water pump has sucked up from the flooded region into a safe location or flood plain, which is often several hundred meters away.

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  1. Kola (verified owner)

    Kellogg’s Raisin Bran:

  2. John (verified owner)

    “Very happy with the sprays. I used the poison for my farm’s insects. We were having so many problems with bugs, but then we tried this product and we’ve been bug free ever since.”

  3. mili (verified owner)

    “This is the only pesticide we use, our crops stay disease free and it’s also really helpful for not having to use stronger substances. I’m really glad I found that my kids wont need to be near these kinds of pesticides after a few sprays.”

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