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Life saver herbicide is a water-solvent non-particular, expansive range herbicide utilized for control of yearly and lasting grass and broadleaf weeds in an assortment of harvests. Help Herbicide is a non-particular, post-new herbicide that gives wide range weed control of probably the most difficult weeds, including glyphosate-safe marestail, furry fleabane, Malva and filaree. This settles on LIFELINE an amazing decision while fostering your general weed obstruction the executives methodology.

Item includes
Portrayal: Contact, Non-particular, Pre-development Herbicide
Dynamic fixing: Glufosinate-Ammonium
Definition: Soluble (fluid) concentrate
Bundling: 250 ml, 500 ml and 1L


Life saver herbicide is a Glufosinate based non-specific, post-developing herbicide that gives expansive range weed control of probably the most difficult weeds. It is a contact non specific herbicide for all out vegetation control and safeguarded shower under the yield shade. Life saver is use for Glyphosate Resitance Herbicide.

Method of activity
Life saver herbicide restrains glutamine creation in the weeds which prompts a breakdown in photosynthesis. This goes with Lifeline an astounding decision while fostering your general weed opposition the executives procedure.

Utilizations of Lifeline Herbicide
Applications as foliar showers in trees, plants and berry crops for control of arisen weeds.
Broadcast burndown applications before planting or harvest rise in marked column crops.
Beyond absurd applications in canola, corn, cotton, soybeans and sugar beets assigned as glufosinate-safe.
It could be utilized for weed control in Non glufosinate-safe cotton when applied with a hooded sprayer in-crop.
It might likewise be applied for potato plant drying up.
Field Crops
Natural product Crops
Oil Palm
When to apply
Cassava-When leaves are 4-6 leaf stage.
Cotton-Apply preceding harvest rise.
Maize-Apply preceding harvest rise.
Soybean-Apply before crop rise.
Organic product crops and Nut-Apply as spot treatment
Cassava-2-3 Liter/ha,
Field crops-2-3 liter/ha,
Organic product crops and Nut 2-3 liter/ha
Safeguards: Avoid contact with eyes, skin while taking care of the concentrate or shower arrangement. Client ought to utilize full insurance clothing.
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4 reviews for Lifeline Herbicide (Glufosinate-Ammonium) -UPL Brand

  1. Amos (verified owner)

    “herbicide has been a lifesaver. I have a lot of hayfields and after applying herbicide, the most invasive plants died off and my hay is safe now.”

  2. Liam (verified owner)

    “I had used herbicides for years to help me keep my garden weed free. However, when I heard that the chemicals I was using were actually not as helpful as I thought, I became concerned and researched other ways to kill weeds in my garden. The one thing I found that has been the most effective by far is vinegar. It is cheaper than herbicides and doesn’t have any harmful effects on my plants. My garden has never looked better.”

  3. Robert (verified owner)

    “I used herbicide to get rid of a bunch of weeds in my yard and it was very helpful. It is safe for the environment, too.”

  4. Ayanfeoluwa (verified owner)

    “I have been using Herbicide on my lawn for the last two years and it has been amazing. I love having the freedom to set up my own days and not be limited by a company’s schedule.”

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