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We offer Oba Super-6 which is a high-yielding half breed maize seed demonstrated for productive maize manor.

Contrasted with other maize seed items, it has more extensive flexibility and resistance to low dampness stress.
It likewise ideally answers to high information sources, great administration, and establishing thickness.
Invigorated with favorable to vitamin A, this item has added nourishing advantages.
The offered item is bundled in 2kg packs

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Oba Super-6
Oba Super-6 is a half and half maize seed from Premier Seeds Company, an individual from the Seed Association of Nigeria (SEEDAN).

Maize is one of the biggest grain crops in Nigeria developed on an area of north of 1 million hectares.
Head Seeds Hybrids play had a huge impact in working on the efficiency of Nigerian Corn ranchers through their interest in innovative work.

Head Seeds offers a broad arrangement of cross breeds for choice to meet the neighborhood client needs with a proceeded with center around assisting ranchers with reaping more.

Oba Super-6: Product attributes
Assortment: Oba Super-6
High yielding mixture reasonable for rainfed conditions
More extensive versatility, lenient to low dampness stress and answer to high sources of info, great administration, and establishing thickness

Striking alluring grains, great tone, great bit quality
Yield potential: 6-9 Tons/Hectare
Shading: Provitamin A (Yellow)

The most effective method to plant
It is bundled in 2kg. Sow 1 seed for each opening at a separating of 25cm inside the edge and 75cm between edges.
Apply NPK 15:15:15 manure at the pace of 8 packs for each hectare at about fourteen days subsequent to planting by covering it 3cm profound and 5-7cm away from the plant.

Weed the ranch at the beginning phase of weed crisis and guarantee that the homestead is sans weed 100% of the time.
Apply urea at the pace of 3 packs for every hectare at 4 a month and a half subsequent to planting.
Contingent upon the executives; yields of between 5-7 tons for every hectare are possible.
Half and half Type Single Cross
Portion Colour Yellow
Portion Type Flint
Photoperiod Neutral
Days to mid-silking 60
Development date 100 – 105
Adaptation Southern, northern and Sudan
Guinea savannas

Plant Height (cm) 180 – 195
Ear Height (cm) 85 – 95
Bother/Disease Tolerance Tolerant to the significant sicknesses of maize, e.g., maize streak infection, wool mold, rust, leaf curse and curvularia leaf spot. Biofortified with Pro-Vitamin A.
Possible Yield (tons/hectare) 7 – 8
Extraordinary Characteristics More adjusted to southern Guinea savanna, northern Guinea savanna and Sudan savanna ecologies; high return; dry season lenient; low soil nitrogen-productive;
fantastic plant and ear perspective.

Supplement Content 9.06 % MC Flour; 1.44 % Ash; 5.68 % Fat; 2.96 % Sugar; 72.88
% Starch; 23.27 % Amylose;

9.54 % Protein

Seed rate: 15-20 kg for each hectare

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