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Maxi Calmag is a calcium magnesium nitrate fertilizer which is the best fertilizer to supply calcium and magnesium to plants.

  • Our CalMag fertilizer is a premium and fertilizer-grade calcined magnesite (Calcium and Magnesium) suitable for use in farming and crop production.
  • The offered product contains specialized nutrients designed to compensate for deficiencies in most nutrient and fertilizer schedules.
  • It is sized in spherical granules, which makes it excellent for easy spreading and physical compatibility characteristics.

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Maxi Calmag

In supplying nutrients to plants, elements needed by plants are not only the conventional NPK fertilizers. There are two other major nutrients needed by the plants, and these are Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) (also called calmag). Our Maxi Calmag brings these needed nutrients right at your doorstep!

  • CalMag granular fertilizers are used for crop planting and also important for hydroponic farming.
  • Although Calcium and Magnesium are the most abundant minerals in tap water, much of these are not chelated enough to be absorbed by plants.


Why CalMag Fertilizers?

  • When you grow crops either on the open field in soil or in a hydroponic system, the application of CalMag will help your crops thrive and enhance high yields of produce.
  • Although plants naturally get calcium and magnesium from the soil and water, it is essential for farmers to apply these fertilizers.


Maxi Calmag: Features

  • CalMag is very efficient and quickly taken up by crops.
  • It is highly soluble in water. Can dissolve easily in water applied as fertigation i.e Calmag applied by irrigation.
  • Calmag is also used to buffer coco peat.
  • It is sized in spherical granules, which makes it excellent for easy spreading and physical compatibility characteristics.
  • Ideal for use as a maintenance magnesium fertilizer in a range of pastoral and cropping production.
  • Provides a long-term supply of slowly released magnesium.


Symptoms of Calmag Deficiency

  • Calcium deficiency symptoms are usually obvious at the growing ends of the plant.
  • Common signs include plant rot and stunted growth.
  • Young leaf tips, buds, and fruits are part of the plants which are most affected.
  • The roots are seriously affected by stunted growth, which affects the entire growth of the plant as time goes on.
  • Mature parts of the plant always show early signs of magnesium deficiency. Yellowing of leaves, quick aging, and death of plants are usual signs.

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