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Maxi MKP is a fully water-soluble mono-potassium phosphate fertilizer which is a highly efficient source of phosphorus and potassium for plants.

  • As a nitrogen-free fertilizer, the offered product is the preferred source of phosphorus and potassium when nitrogen fertilization should be limited.
  • It can be applied at the productive stages of sugar-rich fruit crops to increase sugar content and to improve crop quality.
  • You can also combine Maxi MKP with other fertilizers to meet crop nutritional needs throughout the growth cycle.
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Maxi MKP

Maxi MKP is a fully soluble fertilizer comprising potassium and phosphorous, recommended for vegetables, fruits, vines, flowers, turf, and ornamentals.

  • MKP is water-soluble mono-potassium phosphate fertilizer and an efficient source of phosphorus.
  • It is suitable for application before flowering in mangoes and cashews mainly. Also useful in groundnuts, beans soybeans, and vegetables


Maxi MKP: Advantages

  • It is a fully water-soluble fertilizer, containing two essential elements for your crop development, providing immediately available potassium and phosphorous.
  • The product is also free of chloride, sodium, and other detrimental elements for plants.
  • Safe for plants and humans; has a moderately low pH and low salt index.
  • Mono Potassium Phosphate is the most readily available fertilizer form of potassium and phosphorous available.
  • As a nitrogen-free fertilizer, Mono Potassium Phosphate is the preferred source of phosphorous and potassium when nitrogen should be limited.
  • It is particularly important for:
  1. Root establishment
  2. Early growth stages of root and vegetable crops
  3. Fruit and vegetable size, sugar and colour development
  4. Flower development of fruit trees and ornamentals



  • It is suitable for application via irrigation systems on any growing medium and can be used for foliar spraying when a quick response is required.
  • It dissolves rapidly and completely and remains in solution ready for root adsorption or is taken in via leaf surfaces.

Specification: Maxi MKP (Monopotassium Phosphate Fertilizer | 25kg)

Class Agricultural fertilizer
Packaging 25kg bags


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