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Synthetic splashing or application is one of the significant creation the board rehearses acted in horticultural harvest and animals creation to limit illness challenge.

This mechanized sprayer empowers ranchers to apply synthetics without any difficulty as its use avoids the normally upsetting manual siphoning activity.

The construction is straightforward and minimal, so it is simple for support.

This machine is truly sturdy as it has a phenomenal stuff structure that diminishes speed.

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Mechanized Knapsack Sprayer

This mechanized rucksack sprayer is an ergonomic machine that empowers ranchers to apply synthetics no sweat as its utilization bars the generally upsetting manual siphoning activity.

It comes in 15 liters limit and is viable with most horticultural synthetics.

It accompanies remarkable provisions that make utilization consistent. Peruse on to find more!

Employments of the mechanized rucksack sprayer

To control weeds that can hold onto creepy crawlies by utilization of herbicides

To control bug bothers that can cause illnesses by the utilization of insect poisons just as pesticides.

Control of contagious illnesses by the utilization of fungicides.

Utilization of micronutrients on the plants, boron for example just as foliar composts.

Fundamental provisions

This machine takes on gear construction to diminish speed, so it is truly strong.

The primary part is the unclogger siphon of two headings’ sort.

The design is basic and minimal, so it is simple for upkeep.

This machine has high sprayer pressure, large stream and great proficiency, so the defensive impact is unmistakable.

The fundamental showering parts are three spouts, so the splashing range is wide.

This machine takes on gear construction to diminish speed, so it is truly strong.

It likewise has superb valve framework and high pull.

The most piece of the machine is made of plastic and light aluminum composite, consequently the machine is lighter, hostile to rust and agreeable to convey.

Item determinations

Type: Single-chamber, 2-stroke, air-cooled

Removal: 25.6cc

Blended fuel proportion: 25:1

Fuel limit: 700mL

Clamor: ≤104dB(A)

Siphon: Brass, aluminum, and plastic

Force: 1.2hp

Tank limit: 15L

Unclogger breadth: 18mm

Strain: 15-25kg/sq-cm

Yield: 8L/min

Net weight: 9-10kg


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