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This gel manure is a nitrogen suspension with optional components like calcium and magnesium and chelated minor components.

Herogra gel compost
This gel compost suspension has an exceptionally planned balance, as per boundaries of assimilation by plants for the adjustment and counteraction of different lacks. It contains the vitally auxiliary components calcium and magnesium and minor components.

Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are blended in with foliar waste, fertilizer and copper to deliver this
Dirts for thickening the gel make up 2% of the absolute weight of the manure.
Surface dynamic silicones and not water are utilized during a disturbance cycle.
Structure (%w/v)
Absolute Nitrogen = 15%
Nitric nitrogen = 12.3%
Ammoniac nitrogen = 0.9%
Ureic nitrogen = 1.8%
Calcium oxide water dissolvable = 22.5%
Magnesium oxide water dissolvable = 2.0%
Boron water dissolvable = 0.03%
Copper dissolvable EDTA chelated = =0.03%
Iron EDTA chelated = 0.05%
Manganese EDTA chelated = 0.03%
Molybdenum water dissolvable = 0.003%
Zinc EDTA chelated = 0.02%
It is suggested for use through foliar application, in both herbaceous and ligneous harvests in vegetative turn of events.
Citrus and natural product trees: 0.25-0.5 L/100L
Agricultural harvests: 0.1-0.3L/100L

Store in an appropriate dry spot somewhere in the range of 35 and 4 degrees.
Try not to store close to food and staple
Destructive assuming it interacts with the skin or gulped
The water is conveyed to areola drinking pipes from a header tank on top of the chicken house. As the chickens need water they will peck at the areola and a drop of water is delivered. It is an awesome strategy for giving your chickens water.

Highlights and Benefits
This drinking spout is made of tempered steel material.
It gives an arrangement of simple admittance to perfect and new water which is crucial to chickens’ wellbeing as well as their egg creation.
The drinking spout guarantees reliable conveyance of clean water to the chickens.
It is simple and protected to introduce and utilize.
It is exceptionally advantageous.
The poultry areola consumer requires low upkeep.
It is very impervious to bacterial development.
They are tough and durable.
It keeps water from dribbling on the floor, in this way keeping the litter exceptionally dry.
How much water let out can be changed physically.
It is appropriate for both home and business poultry ranches.
The drinking spout is demonstrated for a wide range of poultry birds and is made with great materials.


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