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It is a contact herbicide with just confined movement to uncovered pieces of the plants (for example leaves and their cells), subsequently careful inclusion is basic.
It disrupts photosynthesis of powerless plants interfering with the utilization of carbon dioxide in the plant and in this way disallowing the creation of carbs.
The weed eventually starves to death because of carb exhaustion.
Protected on all field pea and dry bean crops.

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Raptor Herbicide
Advantages of utilizing Raptor Herbicide:

Quicker take-up and side effects.
Contact herbicide for the control of post-new weeds.
More noteworthy consistency in a more extensive scope of weather patterns.
Strong definition with particular activity.
Side effects foster all the more rapidly permitting development stretches to be decreased.
Raptor is viable with different items, for example, Roundup, 2,4-DB amine and so on.
Bearings for use:

In perennials, Raptor offers a wide window of utilization and controls Canada thorn up to 8 creeps in level.

Field peas: Soon after 3 sets of leaves structure
Soybeans: Unifoliate to two extended trifoliate leaf stage, generally 18 – 20 days subsequent to planting
Lima, dry, snap beans (counting white, kidney, dark, pinto): 1 – 3 trifoliate leaves
Faba beans: Soon after 3-leaf stage

Timing of Applications
Apply Raptor herbicide early, when weeds are little and effectively developing/before weeds arrive at the most extreme size. Early application delivers the most helpful result on weed control, permits the utilization of the lower rate (contingent upon weed species), and makes it simpler to acquire exhaustive shower inclusion.
Defer in the application which licenses weeds to surpass the greatest size will bring about lacking control.

The suggested rates for Raptor are 0.7 L/section of land – 0.9 L/section of land.

Water Volume
Ground: Apply with at least 40 L/ac of water
Air: Apply with at least 20 L/ac of water

Blending Instructions

Fill clean shower tank half full with clean water. Begin fomentation framework.
Whenever required, add the right measure of nitrogen source.
Ceaseless tumult is expected to keep extra synthetic compounds in suspension. On recurrent tank loads, get ready water slurry in a different compartment with clean water prior to adding to splash tank.
Add the right measure of Raptor and upset 2 – 3 minutes prior to showering.
Splashing Instructions

Least splash volume is 100 L/ha. Utilize bigger water volumes (up to 400 L/ha) for weeds at the maximum furthest reaches of their suggested phase of treatment.
Least shower pressure is 275 kPa. Utilize higher strain (up to 425 kPa) for weeds at the furthest reaches of their suggested stage for treatment.
Raptor herbicide has next to no lingering action if any whatsoever. It separates quickly and thusly won’t influence resulting crops.
Raptor can remain in the splash tank for the time being anyway it should be blended completely prior to heading into the field the following day.
Your splash not entirely set in stone by the phase of the essential objective weed.
Precipitation inside 6 to 8 hours of use might decrease adequacy.
For ideal outcomes, utilize 8004 splash spouts at 40 psi, with at least 20 gallons for each section of land of shower arrangement.

Splash on track weeds
Not to be splashed in that frame of mind (above 10mph).
Try not to permit shower fog float unto advantageous vegetation (Applicator should follow the most prohibitive use alerts to keep away from float risks, remembering those found for the marking).
Utilize marginally basic water with cradle (ammonium sulfate) to break up.
Splash effectively developing weeds (In watered regions, it could be important to flood preceding treatment with Basagran to guarantee that weeds are developing effectively. Weeds developing under dry spell conditions generally are not agreeably controlled).

4 reviews for Raptor Herbicide 1 Litre (Soluble Concentrate | Selective Post-Emergence)

  1. Joel (verified owner)

    “I have been using Herbicide on my lawn for the last two years and it has been amazing. I love having the freedom to set up my own days and not be limited by a company’s schedule.”

  2. Joel (verified owner)

    “I have a garden and my plants are always being attacked by weeds that grow so quickly. I was looking for a quick way to kill them off, but I didn’t want it to harm my other plants too. Herbicide is the perfect solution.”

  3. William (verified owner)

    “This the best product I’ve ever bought, it works wonders and is a wonderful buy.”

  4. Ryan (verified owner)

    “I’m so glad herbicide was invented. I don’t know how I would have gotten my garden to grow without it.”

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