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The offered shower weapon is a superior presentation water system gadget intended for an assortment of purposes and applications where somewhat high streams and broadened sweep of the water toss are wanted. This 360-degree pivoting splash weapon is accessible with a working tension of 3 to 8 bar and stream of 13 and 82 m3/hr.

These devices have top notch enemy of maturing materials and they cover enormous objective regions and splash water drops equitably. The splash head is customizable to give particular examples and speed.

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Rotating Irrigation Spray Gun

The rotating irrigation spray gun is a high-performance tool that facilitates the watering of gardens and farms. The spray guns are used for irrigating large field areas at once. The guns irrigate the land with minimum labor and electricity requirements. It is used for irrigation of field crops i.e. sugarcane, wheat, sorghum, soybean, maize, pulses, etc. It is used for tea, rubber and coffee plantation, fodder crops and green pastures as well as dust suppression mines and thermal power stations.

Features and Benefits

  • The interchangeable nozzles provide the flexibility of irrigation for various crop and soil stags. Interchangeable nozzles are suitable for all types of soil/crop stages.
  • Installing the sprinklers to the ground is quite simple and doesn’t need any special training.
  • The spray edges are precise and reduce wastage or leakages of water.
  • The sprinklers have stainless steel coverage to resist rust.
  • The shape and appearance of these sprinklers make it more convenient while installing.
  • These sprinklers controllable sprays to set the sprinkle distance.
  • The connector is universal, allowing for easy compatibility with different hose pipes.
  • They have a simple structure.
  • The sprinkler shape maximizes the performance.
  • The diffuser screws are adjustable and break up sprinkler streams, creating larger or smaller droplets.
  • They increase agricultural productivity and enhance the beauty of well-kept gardens and farms.


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