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Very Fifty Fertilizer
Very Fifty Fertilizer is produced by BioAtlantis Ltd., a famous Biotechnology organization situated in Ireland, Europe. They are among the world chiefs for assembling Ascophyllum nodosum ocean growth remove. We offer Super Fifty Fertilizer which is the world’s most noteworthy concentrated concentrate of Ascophyllum nodosum green growth. It is an “natural” or “normal” manure which develops the ripeness of the dirt and gives guaranteed brings about terms of yield and nature of produce.

It contains a rich exhibit of bioactive parts with higher natural action than options.
Bioactive particles present in Super Fifty capacity as plant strengtheners. The fortifying impact of the item relies generally upon the development phases of individual yields. Subsequently, applying Super fifty at various time focuses is basic for making progress.
Besides, the cell reinforcement action of Super Fifty can lessen stresses brought about by testing developing circumstances or climatic varieties.
Very Fifty has been shown by different exploration establishments all around the world to increment execution, attractive grade, root development, and decrease pressure.

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Advantages of utilizing Super Fifty Fertilizer
Abiotic Stress Reduction: Antioxidant properties of the bioactive atoms present in Super Fifty mitigates the impact of dry season pressure, over the top intensity stress, ice and saltiness.
Root Development: The offered item upgrades root development and root knobs arrangement.
Attractive Grade and Yield: It further develops organic product size, weight, variety, degree Brix, immovability, and yield of produce.
The item is exceptionally wealthy in utilitarian bioactive atoms which shows high elicitation, cell reinforcement, osmoprotectant properties. These bioactive particles help in pressure the board, keeps up with sound microbial environments in soil, plant safeguard, and regulate phytohormones inside the plant.

Dose: 400ml to 1 Liter for every Acre; Dilution: 1 ml for each liter

Why ranchers utilize natural based composts
The utilization of natural based composts in feasible horticulture benefits ranchers, cultivators, customers, and the climate in numerous ways. As affirmed by numerous exploratory and genuine cultivating encounters, natural based manures help to:

Help both supplement proficiency and natural matter substance in the dirt.
Support the dirt with natural matter that lessens reliance on synthetic data sources.
Reestablish and keep up with soil fruitfulness to support plant development.
Improve the natural movement and biodiversity of soils.
Upgrade the quality ascribes of produce as well as yield.
Work on the effectiveness of supplement use to deliver more powerful yields.
Work with the sluggish arrival of supplements in light of the powerful necessities of plants.
Support the effectiveness of water use to deliver crops stronger and dry spell safe.
Decrease the effect of cultivating and defend biological systems by limiting draining.
Upgrade crop protection from disintegration by further developing the dirt’s natural matter substance.
Work on the effectiveness of asset use by integrating normal unrefined components.

5 reviews for Super Fifty Fertilizer (Organic | Seaweed Extract)

  1. Phoenix (verified owner)

    “I was referred to this fertilizer by my neighbor and I found it to be the best fertilizer I have ever used. It’s really easy to use and has helped my plants grow really well. Thank you for introducing me to it!”

  2. Ade (verified owner)

    “I was referred to this fertilizer by my neighbor and I found it to be the best fertilizer I have ever used. It’s really easy to use and has helped my plants grow really well. Thank you for introducing me to it!”

  3. Henry (verified owner)

    “I’m from the south and my family has been using this product for years. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get it. It’s good quality and lasts a while.”

  4. marry (verified owner)

    “This fertilizer has helped my garden grow better than ever before. I was never able to get such a yield before without using this chemical.”

  5. Tyler (verified owner)

    “I have been looking for a good organic fertilizer and I have found that this organic fertilizer is the best because it has made my plants grow much faster.”

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