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Is it true that you are searching for the main nitrogenous manure on the lookout? Do you wish to astoundingly support usefulness on your homestead at a reasonable cost? Relax, Indorama Urea is only the arrangement you want!

We offer Indorama Urea which a top notch compost with the most noteworthy nitrogen content – around 46%!

It is a white glasslike natural synthetic compound.
Urea is broadly utilized in the agrarian area both as a compost and creature feed added substance.
Indorama Urea furnishes the plants with nitrogen to advance green verdant development and make the plants look lavish.
We convey from one side of the country to the other.

Urea Fertilizer
We offer Indorama Urea which is the main nitrogenous manure on the lookout, with the most elevated nitrogen content (around 46%). It is a white translucent natural substance compound. Urea is impartial in pH and can adjust to practically a wide range of soils. It is a byproduct shaped normally by processing protein in people as well as different vertebrates, creatures of land and water and some fish.

Urea is generally utilized in the rural area both as a manure and creature feed added substance. The principle capacity of Urea compost is to furnish the plants with nitrogen to advance green verdant development and make the plants look lavish. Urea additionally helps the photosynthesis interaction of plants. Since urea manure can give just nitrogen and not phosphorus or potassium, it’s essentially utilized for blossom development.
Composts give three essential supplements: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). Nitrogen upholds vegetative development. Phosphorus further develops roots and blossoming. Potassium reinforces protection from ecological attacks, from outrageous temperatures to bug assaults.

Benefits of Urea Fertilizer
Unrivaled nitrogen content.
Low creation cost, as the source is normal.
Non-combustible and hazard free capacity.
Wide application range, for a wide range of yields and soils.
Impartial pH and innocuous to harvests and soil.
How to Use Urea Fertilizer?
Urea ought to be applied at the hour of planting. It shouldn’t interact with the seeds. It likewise can be applied as a top dressing.
Since Urea is exceptionally nitrogen-concentrated, it should be utilized in blend with earth or sand before its application.
Urea ought not be applied when the dirt contains free water or liable to stay wet for three or four days after application.
Tips of Blending Urea with Other Fertilizers
Urea can undoubtedly be mixed with Mono-ammonium Phosphate (MAP) or Di-ammonium Phosphate (DAP).
In any case, Urea should not be blended in with any superphosphate except if applied following mixing as Urea responds with superphosphate freeing water particles.
This will create a soggy material that is difficult to store and apply.


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