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Vinash is a foliar-applied, all out farming herbicide with quick movement all through the plant for the control of most difficult yearly and enduring grasses, weeds influencing arable and ranch crops, under pre-plant, post-rise coordinated conditions, diminished or zero culturing frameworks.

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Dynamic Ingredient
It contains Glyphosate 41% w/w

Vinash foundational herbicide is a diphenyl ether bunch utilized for specific weed control in a wide assortment of natural product trees, tomatoes, field crops, ornamentals, ranger service, sugar stick and non-crop fields. Vinash foundational herbicide controls a wide assortment of yearly broadleaf and grass weeds. Vinash is utilized for pre-plant, pre-development and post-rise purposes. Vinash has drawn out remaining movement and showcases an irrelevant measure of draining. Negligible water system downpour is expected to set off the lingering impact.

Specific pre-and pre-development herbicide focused on a wide reach. The touch activity is restricted. Represses protoporphyrinogen oxidase, which causes long-lasting harm to the cell film. It is utilized for pre-plant, pre-rise and post-rise purposes.

Key highlights
These are key highlights/attributes related with the item Vinash:

Adaptable joining of tanks – might be joined with different herbicides.
Expansive range movement – Continue to be effective and delay the activity in the dirt.
Brilliant administration over both broadleaf and verdant weeds.
All out destruction of chosen weeds.
Vinash wide range herbicide
Dynamic ingredients : Glyphosate 41% w/w
Type : Broad Spectrum non-specific post-rise herbicide
Method of Action : Breaks apical strength tillering, lessens the accessibility of phenylalanine and hence kills undesirable plants like Cynododon Dactlyon, Kalm Grass and furthermore Imperata Cylindrica notwithstanding different grasses
Suggested For : Postemergence of weeds in the field and water system waterways.
Suggested Doses : 2.4 Lt per ha


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