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The Zeropest GA organic Insecticide is for controlling sucking bugs like Thrips, Jassids, Aphids, Whiteflies, Flea, Beatles, Armored Scales, and other sucking bugs. It is ideal for individual planting and enormous scope ranchers.

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Zeropest GA Biological Control
Zeropest GA Biological Control is a wide range organic control for bugs. It contains Karanjin, a furanoflavonol, a sort of flavonoid. Karanjin is gotten from the seeds of the Karanja tree, a tree filling wild in South India. Karanjin is an acaricide and insect spray. It has nitrification inhibitory properties.

ZEROPEST GA is an ideal option in contrast to substance pesticides and can be utilized on all harvests. It is totally ok for non-target organic entities like useful hunters, bumble bees, pollinators, birds, steers, and people. Karanja seed bit remove has been utilized by ranchers overall for quite a long time for safeguarding crops against bothers. It is a bug development controller, for example twisted grown-ups arise which ultimately endure mortality without harming the yield.

Item data
Method of use: Spray
Dynamic fixing: Karanjin 2500 PPM, Solvent n Butanol-15%, Emulsifier – 5%.
Bundling: 1-liter container
Method of Action

Karanja Oil is the significant dynamic fixing which makes it an ideal option in contrast to substance pesticides. The oil is a renowned normal antifeedant, development controller, and ovipositional repellent for bugs.
It shows different social reactions, for example, antifeedant, taking care of obstacle, repellent, oviposition obstruction, and so on. It additionally displays physiological reactions like bug development controller, shedding inhibitor, generation inhibitor, antifertility, and so forth.
Zeropest GA lessens the level of the bug chemical ecdysone. This outcomes in a disturbance of the bug’s shedding cycle so that the juvenile hatchlings can’t form into grown-ups.
After treatment with Karanja-based pesticides, you might see bugs with disabled, contorted wings. Or on the other hand the juvenile hatchlings and fairies stay in a youthful stage and afterward bite the dust. The bug hatchlings which come in direct contact with the splash are killed.


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