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  • Chikun Starter Mash

    The broiler starter mash is indicated for a minimum feed conversion ratio, maximum weight gain, and lowest possible production cost. The super starter is a feed that gives broilers a super-fast growth to attain market weight within 6-8 weeks of life.

    Features of the Chikun feed

    • Fed from 3-4 weeks of age
    • The main objective is to achieve or exceed the target body weight for age as well as a focus on maximizing performance
    • Involves change in feed density (increase energy & decrease other nutrients)
    • Made from highly digestible ingredients

    Good uniformity of particle size is essential because birds prefer bigger particles. Thus, when Mash feed is poorly produced, the dominant birds will quickly eat those bigger grain particles, while the rest of the birds will eat the finer particles. This situation can potentially create an imbalance in nutrition and consequently sub-optimal performance. This feed comes in the fine mash which makes it easy for the chicks to pick up the feed faster. With Chikun Mash, we have deployed cutting edge technologies into ensuring that there is uniformity in the particles, thereby tackling the imbalance in nutrition which is a common concern in the existing feed market.

    Poultry feed

    Unlike feeds for ruminants, poultry diets are usually complete feeds and supply the total daily requirements apart from water. These feed help to maximize production whether it be for eggs, meat or rearing replacements. Essentially, broiler varieties of chicken feed are denser in protein, which encourages the flock to grow bigger, faster.

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