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  • MKP 25KG

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    The Maxi MKP water-solvent compost is a favored wellspring of phosphorus and potassium when nitrogen preparation ought to be restricted. It very well may be applied in mix with different composts to meet yield healthful requirements all through the development cycle. Its high virtue and water-solvency make Maxi MKP an optimal manure for fFertigation and for foliar application.

    Item includes :

    Sythesis: Phosphorus(P2O5) – 52.1%, Potassium (K20) – 34.5% and Potassium (K) – 28.5%.
    Net weight : 25kg.
    Dynamic Ingredient: Monopotassium Phosphate
    Method of activity: Used prior to blooming in crops like mangoes, cashews chiefly, additionally in groundnuts, beans soybeans and vegetables.

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