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  • We offer our customers UC82B variety of tomato seeds which are highly reputable tomato seeds characterized by relatively high yield and excellent fruit quality.

    • UC82B tomato seeds have gone through an intensive breeding program to become one of the leading seed varieties for tomatoes.
    • The seeds germinate to produce high-quality tomato fruits which are the early determinant type with good keeping quality
    • The fruits are firm, reddish and somewhat square-shaped.
    • The seed rate is 0.4-0.6 kg/ha and sow depth is 0.5 to 1 centimeters.
    • We deliver nationwide.
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  • PARSLEY SUPER CURLED is both healthy and tasty to use! Parsley is a versatile culinary herb with dark green curled leaves and grows up to about 30 cm (12 inches) high. It is crunchy, healthful, and popular with cuisines from Spanish to Chinese. Incorporate it into your favorite dishes.

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  • High and good yield  under different conditions (thanks to a good tolerance to Anthracnose), KAOLACK is famous in sub Saharan countries.

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  • Growing: Greenhouse and open field cultivation
    Plant: California Wonder type, vigorous, internode
    short and fruitful.
    Fruit: Sweet, green to red color, thick
    fleshy, 3-4 lobed and 12 x 11 cm.
    Strength: L4 and TSWV.
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  • Variety: Cucumber Ashley


    • Highly productive and widely adapted gynoecious slicing variety with excellent disease tolerance package.
    • For optimal production and high-quality fruits, it’s recommended to stick or trellis the variety.
    • Cucumber fruit has many health benefits and highly recommended as part of the daily meal.
    • Plant features:
    • Ashley is a uniform succulent dark green blocky cylindrical fruit that averages 12-15 cm long.
    • Maturity: 40-45 days.
    • Yield potential: 25-27 tons/acre.
    • Ideal for all fresh market
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    Determinate plant growth with a high fruit set. Maturity: 65 – 68 days after transplant. Fruits are egg-shaped, uniform color, and weighs 110 -120 grams (0.25 lb) each. Tolerant to Nematodes and Whitefly transmitted Geminivirus.

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    variety : TROPIMECH - UC 85B 10
  • High and good yield  under different conditions (thanks to good tolerance to Anthracnose

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    variety : 500G - BARB - CRIMS - SUGAR - SUPER
  • Baronesa RZ F1 Watermelon is an enormous size dark cultivated watermelon with exceptionally uniform foods grown from the ground dim green skin with dark red tissue. Sugar content is high, the plant areas of strength for is, little leaves and an incredible leaf cover that gives less issues of burn from the sun.

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  • Maker – SAKATA

    SEED TYPE – Hybrid

    PACK SIZE – 5g


    Medium tall plant with restricted leaves.
    Dim green, smooth, delicate natural products with 5 ribs.
    Development: First collecting begins 42 – 45 days from planting

    Illness REACTION: Intermediate resilience to YVMV

    Extraordinary FEATURES

    Early development
    High yielding
    Great stretching propensity.
    Reasonable for development in blustery and post stormy season.

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