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We sell apple seedlings that are hybridized with genetic modifications, which perform far better than the original variety. We provide apple seedlings from Israel and Wanbugu that have been grafted, and they have the following advantages:

superior performance to native species
They thrive in temperatures as high as 36 °C.

310 plants are needed for an acre of land.
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Seedlings of apples
An essential step in the development of premium apples on your farm is the planting of apple seedlings. We provide genetically altered hybrid kinds that perform far better than their unaltered counterparts.

The Wambugu Variety has the following characteristics.
In hot and warm climates, the semi-arid apple varieties perform best.
To grow it well, it only needs manure and water.
Every nine to thirteen months, harvest time occurs.
They thrive in temperatures as high as 360C.
It matures in 9 to 14 months.
310 plants are required for an acre.
It has two seasons a year beginning in July, August, December, and January, and bears up to 500 to 2000 fruits on each tree every season.

Apple Seedlings Being Planted
Apple seedlings are little tree stems that have been reproduced and grafted onto a robust rootstock. When seedlings have grown in a propagation environment for roughly a year, they are prepared to be planted and grown in the home landscape. Six to ten years after planting, the seedlings develop into an apple tree that bears fruit. Growing apple trees can be lucrative if they are planted and cared for properly from the seedling stage onward.

Dig a 2-foot-wide hole and amend the planting area by adding even amounts of organic compost to the excavated soil. Apple trees prefer full sunlight, nutrient-rich soil, and a good drainage system. Surround the tree sapling with this soil. Excess soil will be available for disposal.

Place the apple tree seedling in a hole that is twice as broad and the same depth as the tree’s previous growth. The graft point needs to be at least 2 inches above the ground. To get rid of any air pockets around the root system, thoroughly wet the soil around the seedling.
To keep the soil equally moist but not saturated throughout the summer growing season when it doesn’t rain, irrigate the seedling with 1 gallon of water two or three times a week. To reduce runoff and maintain water around the tree, use a drip watering system.

Leave a 6-inch space between the seedling and the beginning of the organic mulch as you apply a 2-inch layer of mulch over the planting area’s soil. Each spring, replace the mulch to allow for decomposition and soil absorption. After two years of growth, increase the depth to 3 inches.
To shield the seedling from harm, erect a chicken wire fence or rodent barrier around it. To deter burrowing rodents, bury the fence or guard at least 4 inches into the ground.
Before putting apple tree seedlings outdoors, grow them in a sheltered setting for at least a year following propagation to give the root graft time to strengthen.

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