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We offer two varieties of coconut seedlings (dwarf and hybrid varieties ready for shipping nationwide). Each seedling ranges from 8 to 9 months of age.

After the coconut has been planted point side down with one-third of the coconut above the soil, it is moved to a well-lit, warm spot, the warmer the better as coconuts do best in spots that are 70 degrees F. (21 C.) or warmer.

  • It is important to keep coconuts well-watered during germination without letting it sit in overly wet soil.
  • If you want to plant a coconut that has already sprouted, go ahead and plant it in well-draining soil so that the bottom two-thirds of the coconut is in the soil. Place in a warm area and water frequently.
  • The average age is 6-9 months.
  • We deliver nationwide
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1. Get premium coconut seedlings and reap the benefits of sustainably farming your own coconuts.
2. Enjoy all the natural benefits that come with planting and cultivating your own coconuts, like increased oxygen production and carbon sequestration in your soil.
3. Provide a reliable, long-term income stream from producing organic, healthy coconuts for customers near and far.
4. Cut down on labor costs by automating parts of the process with modern growing techniques and tools.
5. Reap the rewards of sustainability initiatives by embracing environmentally conscious practices such as producing eco-friendly packaging for your products.

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