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  • Clemson Spineless Okra (Continental Seeds) is a dark-green immediately range that has pointed pods and is without spines.


    Light necessities: Full sun for fine yields.
    Planting: Space 10 to 18 inches aside.
    Maturity Date: 50 to sixty five days.
    Resistance: Resistant to verticillium and fusarium wilt.

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  • We offer Kirikou F1 crossover okra seeds created by Technisem Seeds. It is a trustworthy okra seed variation described by extremely high return and plump foul natural products.

    Development: 55 to 60 days
    Variety: Medium green
    Organic product aspect: 8 to 9cm
    Weight: 50grams per tin
    Shop with us to develop exceptionally nutritious okra seeds on your homestead to support your financial and wellbeing status.

  • This is a primary season standard Okra with extremely wide flexibility. Organic product are uniform, appealing green and have a decent time span of usability. Natural product taste great and is nearly spine free working on the simplicity of picking. Plants major areas of strength for are incredible however simple to gather. This assortment is broadly adjusted. Appropriate for both new and send out market.

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