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    We offer Maha F1 Okra Seeds which are superior seed items that have conservative plant propensity with short internodes, bringing about an effectively controllable plant.

    Maha F1 has transitional protection from okra yellow mosaic infection.
    The gathering time of this assortment is 45-48 days.
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  • The Clemson Spineless Okra seed is the most well-known open-pollinated okra assortment on the lookout. The plants are energetic and produce uncommonly uniform straight medium-green yellow ribbed cases. An extremely productive and high-yielding assortment with an open leaf developing propensity.

    It has somewhat scored green cases that are cowardly with a full-bodied flavor okra sweethearts see as completely heavenly. So express farewell to that extreme wiry okra.

    Item Features:

    Days To Maturity: 56 days
    Natural product Size: 2-3 inches
    Daylight required: 6 hours of direct sun each day.
    Spread: 36-48 inches
    Level: 36-48 inches
    Sow Method: Open field/Greenhouse
    Establishing Time: Annual
    Bundle size: 100g

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