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  • Our orange juicer machine is stainless steel, which makes it perfectly durable and sturdy. It is a high quality professional automatic orange juicer and it is very easy to use. This orange squeezer can store up to 8kg of oranges. It can squeeze up to 22 to 25 orange juices per minute. It accepts all oranges from 60 to 80 mm in diameter.

  • Sweet Orange Seedling

    3.50 out of 5

    Procure your seedlings from trustworthy homesteads, ideally at the beginning of downpours.
    In the event that not gained at the beginning of downpours, guarantee you satisfactorily give water system to the seedlings.
    Set up the field and dig establishing openings 60 x 60 x 60 cm.
    During planting, utilize all-around decayed excrement with dirt.
    Dispersing generally differ, contingent upon height, rootstock, and assortment.
    For the most part, trees need a more extensive dividing adrift level than those relocated at higher elevations.
    Typically, the plant thickness differs from 150 to 500 trees for every ha, which implies distances of 5 by 6 meters or 7 by 8 meters (oranges, grapefruits, and mandarins).
    It is vital to guarantee that seedlings are not relocated excessively profoundly.

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  • Tangelo Orange Seedlings

    3.25 out of 5

    Tangelos, a hybrid of mandarin orange and grapefruit, are rectangular in form and seem like oranges. They are juicy with much less pulp than ordinary oranges and may be eaten sparkling off the tree or utilized in salads and cooked dishes. You can grow your personal tangelo tree with the aid of saving the seeds from fruit and planting them into pots.

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