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  • Red Crayfish

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    Red crayfish is dried prawns, they’re an awful lot larger in length when compared to the white crayfish. The colour of the crimson crayfish is redish at the same time as that of white crayfish is kind of brownish. The flavor of the crimson crayfish is smoky while that of the white crayfish is fishy. Red crayfish is referred to as “okporo” in Igbo and “ede pupa” in Yoruba .
    Available in 1/2 derica and full derica portions.

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  • We offer Red Force which is a foundational rural fungicide utilized ordinarily for the control of dark unit sickness (Phytophthora sp.) of cocoa.

    The item is a multi-reason, defensive, contact and lingering fungicide for viable infectious prevention and security of field harvests, organic products, and vegetables.
    The dynamic fixing in Red Force is metalaxyl-M 6% in addition to copper (1) oxide 60% WP.

    Shop with us now and we convey across the country.

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  • Rijk Zwaan created the hybrid red sweet pepper variety known as Red Jet Pepper Seeds. It is a compact early maturing plant with a strong fruit setting under hot conditions that can be grown both in open fields and greenhouses. Both the dry and wet seasons are suitable for planting it.

    Product Attributes
    Suitable for green harvest, red blocky pepper
    fantastic resistance pattern
    Very good plant coverage in open field farming, easy fruit setting variation
    Result: High
    Weight of fruit: 240g
    appropriate for both indoor and outdoor production
    Size of package: 100 Seeds

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  • We offer Red Royale F1 Dwarf Pawpaw Seeds, one of the most popular pawpaw seed varieties that has undergone extensive breeding programs. Very robust plants with great fruit-setting abilities and stout stems are produced by our premium goods. Large, delicious, with thick flesh, and deep crimson in color, the fruits are. They can be used to make juice or eaten straight up.

    The first filial generation of children from two distinctly different parental types is known as an F1 hybrid (or filial 1 hybrid). The F1 hybrid has the benefit of retaining certain favorable qualities.
    F1 seedlings are uniform and disease-resistant, and they are also resistant to the Ring Spot virus, a serious issue for the pawpaw production industry.

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