IITA recommends ‘efficient’ herbicides for cassava weed control

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) has recommended safer and environment-friendly pre-emergence herbicide options for weed control in cassava production in Nigeria. The institute, in a report published June 6, said the herbicides have excellent efficiency against broadleaf weeds and grasses for up to eight weeks after planting cassava when combined with good agronomic practices. “These … Read more

How to Grow Hot Pepper and Make Money

Pepper has a place with the Solanaceae family. Different individuals from this family incorporate tomato, tobacco, eggplant, and Irish potato. There are various assortments of pepper accessible to look over. You simply need to go to the pepper vendors in your general vicinity and discover the assortment that business well. At that point visit a … Read more

Catfish Farming in Nigeria (Detail post + Free Practical Training on Our Farm)

Catfish cultivating is the demonstration of growing one of the different gatherings of beam finned fish for business purposes in Nigeria. This includes building earthen, cement, or canvas lakes, loading the fingernails or adolescents, and taking care of the fish till market size. Dear companion, you’re welcome to the Africa Business Classroom (ABC). I’ll be … Read more

Melon Seed (Egusi ): Health Benefits and Side Effects You Need to Know

Melon seed (egusi) is a mainstream food fixing burned-through generally by Africans. It is organically known as Citrullus vulgaris. In Nigeria it passes by the accompanying names ‘egusi’ (Yoruba), ‘ogili’ (Ibo), ‘ogi’ (Benin), and ‘iguana agushi’ (Hausa) and ‘dènde’ (Fulani). The Egusi plant is frequently mistaken for the Watermelon plant, However within the egusi natural … Read more

Guide to vegetable garden pests: Identification and organic controls

Guide to vegetable garden pests: Identification and organic controls every, vegetable gardener faces pest issues from time to time, and learning how to manage the little leaf-munching menaces without using synthetic chemical pesticides is an essential step in growing a healthy, productive garden. To help gardeners with this task, we’ve put together this easy-to-use guide … Read more

Commercial Snail Farming In Nigeria- All You Need To Know

You need to be an effective snail rancher in Nigeria, isn’t that so? At that point, you are at the correct spot. Commercial Snail Farming In Nigeria- All You Need To Know… Snail Farming in Nigeria is extremely rewarding, and numerous Nigerians are starting to see the gold mine in the snail cultivating business. Snail … Read more