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  • Atrazine is a particular and fundamental herbicide containing 80% Atrazine WP. It controls a wide scope of broadleaf weeds and a few yearly grasses.

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  • We offer the best full trickle water system unit for 1 section of land. Our trickle water system framework considers a ton of variables, for example, ranch geological data, for example, inclines and soil types. We have you covered, place orders today.

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  • As the name recommends, one of the vital properties of this item is the hose’s capacity to be laid level for stockpiling purposes.


    100m length, 2inches width (Blue/Black)
    100m length, 3 inches width (Blue/Black)
    Kindly Note

    Our excellent scope of Layflat hoses come in blue or dark tones and are appropriate for a wide assortment of agrarian undertakings.
    The offered layflat hoses are produced using PVC materials, making them very adaptable and impervious to wrinkles, taking into account simple pressure when not being used.
    The item is great for stockpiling, have the simplicity of shipping, as well as being easy to use.
    The costs recorded are for 100 meters of the layflat hoses. You can purchase however many lengths as you need.

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  • Like every single auxiliary supplement, plants don’t require a lot of magnesium to flourish, yet a shortfall of this significant supplement will cause hindered development.

    Magnesium is a vital part of chlorophyll. Without magnesium, the plant can’t create chlorophyll, which will make photosynthesis endure.
    This manure is best used to forestall lacks of magnesium previously or during planting, nonetheless, it can likewise be utilized to address development issues during the developing season.
    Put in a request now to get yours.

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  • Mektin – 100ml

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    Abamectin is utilized for controlling of motile phases of bugs, leaf excavators, suckers, Colorado creepy crawlies, and so on ornamentals, cotton, citrus natural product, pome organic product, nut crops, vegetables

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  • Morigad Germicide is a strong multipurpose expansive range sanitizer (dynamic against microorganisms, growths, yeasts, protozoa, some infections, and different microorganisms) for homegrown, clinic, and creature farming purposes due to its ability in holding its movement within the sight of serum, blood, defecation, pee and other natural pollutants.

    Dynamic Ingredient;
    Dichloroxylenol + Chlorophenol

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  • Odyssey F1 half and half watermelon seeds (1000 Seeds) is an early cross breed watermelon that has most extreme treatment and exceptionally wealthy in supplement. Additionally exceptionally impervious to sicknesses.

    Item Features:

    Variety: Dark green
    Weight: 10 – 12kg.
    A high level of sugar.
    Simple to relocate.

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  • Poinsett cucumber seed is an assortment of cucumber that can be developed whenever outside with a Maturity of 50 – 55days. This half and half is best for mew ranchers that are attempting to check cucumber development out.
    Make your orders now!

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  • We offer Red Force which is a foundational rural fungicide utilized ordinarily for the control of dark unit sickness (Phytophthora sp.) of cocoa.

    The item is a multi-reason, defensive, contact and lingering fungicide for viable infectious prevention and security of field harvests, organic products, and vegetables.
    The dynamic fixing in Red Force is metalaxyl-M 6% in addition to copper (1) oxide 60% WP.

    Shop with us now and we convey across the country.

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  • On account of Royal Canin, your canines presently have each supplement they need in only one item pack. We offer Royal Canin Mini Puppy which is a 100 percent complete and adjusted nourishing bundle for young doggies matured 2 to 10 months whose grown-up weight will really depend on 10kg.

    The item is a superb wellspring of exceptionally edible protein, fiber, and great carb sources.
    It keeps up with stomach related wellbeing.
    Upholds high energy needs.
    Utilizing our item, 100 percent fulfillment is ensured.
    Upholds a solid resistant framework.

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  • Our plastic sprouter plate are ideally suited for base watering your plants. Every cell will arrive at the base as the plate are many times a piece more extensive on the top and marginally tightens to the base to make the plate stackable for simple capacity.

    These plate are all around showed for green and nursery rehearses.

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  • Star force herbicide is a specific fundamental post rise herbicide to control the grasses in broadleaf yields like cowpeas, beans, vegetables, groundnuts, sweet potato, and cassava.

    Item includes
    Portrayal: Selective post-rise herbicide
    Dynamic Ingredient: Fluazifop-P-butyl 150 g/L EC
    Family: Aryloxyphenoxypropionate


    A Bottle of 250ml
    A Bottle of 1 Liter
    A Carton of 250 ml (40 containers)
    A Carton of 1 Liter (12 containers)

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