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    Boost Xtra foliar fertilizer complex consists of NPK and trace elements as its active ingredients.

    Its mode of action is foliar absorption. It is applied to crops when much leaves as been formed and can be used on the following crops: rice, maize, leafy vegetables, sorghum, etc.

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  • Active Ingredient: 360g glyphosate/L (in the form of 480g/L glyphosate- isopropylamine salt) SL. Highly effective weed killer. A non-selective systemic foliar-applied agricultural herbicide.

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    4.60 out of 5

    Foliar Plus Complete Is a soluble organic liquid foliar fertilizer of premium seaweed extracts origin, reinforced with essential EDTA Chelated micronutrients and macronutrients for optimum crop yield and quality. Foliar Plus Complete is ideal for the improvement of yield and quality of many crops including vegetables, maize, sorghum, lawn tree, and tuber crops. It also contains NPK 12-6-6 in addition to organic elements necessary to promote rapid growth of the crop especially in its vegetative stage. Great agricultural product for planting.

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  • We offer Force Top which is a selective pre-emergence agricultural herbicide that can be used for controlling most annual grasses and many annual broad-leaved weeds in cereals, soya beans, cowpeas, groundnut, etc.

    • Target weeds die shortly after germination or following emergence from the soil.
    • It can also be used in pre-transplanting, early post-emergence and pre-planting conditions.
    • Active ingredient┬áin Force Top is pendimethalin 33% EC.

    We deliver nationwide.

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    Weed Crusher Herbicide is fast acting and non-specific, killing green plant tissue on contact. it is perhaps of the most generally utilized herbicide used to control grass and other weed in grains, leafy foods ranches.

    Item Features:

    Dynamic Ingredient: 200g/l Paraquat particle (276g/l as Paraquat
    All out contact and general herbicide for the control of wide leaved and lush weeds.
    Utilized as a post-development herbicide much of the time on weeds.
    Pack Size: 1 Liter | 12 Bottles in a container
    Harmfulness Class: WHO Class II

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