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  • Agrovet NPK 20:20:20 is a water dissolvable foliar compost that gives a reasonable recipe to the development of your vegetable plants. It’s pre-owned all through the existence pattern of the plant and expands designated crop yield.

    Part: 20% Nitrogen, 20%, Phosphorus, 20% Potassium

    Weight per unit is 1kg
    Amount required per hectare is 5kg

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  • Npk 20 20 20 1kg bag

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    Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) in the water-soluble fertilizer NPK 20-20-20 are nicely balanced in the ratio of 20:20:20. Magnesium and trace elements are present. Because it is made with premium nutrients, it has high solubility and excellent assimilation. It encourages constant growth and compactness, avoiding the appearance of nutritional deficits or imbalances. It’s 1: 1: 1 balanced composition is appropriate for a variety of plants at practically every stage of development and can be used continuously or irregularly, alternating with water or rain.


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