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  • Abay F1 Sweet Pepper Seeds is an Open-pollinated assortment of green to yellow chime pepper by Enza Zaden. It creates enormous 4 inches (95mm) of blocky gold natural products. Natural product keep up with quality even as evening temperatures decrease. High protection from bacterial leaf spot and tobacco Mosaic infection.

    Item Features:

    Seed Type: Hybrid
    Bundling Size: 100 seeds/Sachet.
    Natural product size: 4 inches enormous
    Development: 70-85 days
    Yield per section of land: 25 – 30 tons for each acre(in open field)
    Obstruction: Highly impervious to Bacterial Leaf Spot (1-5) and Tobacco Mosaic Virus (0)

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  • Rijk Zwaan developed the high-yielding yellow habanero variety called Loleza RZ F1. The pungency and scent are amazing. It may be grown well in greenhouses and on open fields. You should have this on your farm.

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