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  • Zebshi Fungicide Agro-Chemical 80% WP is a multipurpose fungicide with great properties, for example, expansive range, low harmfulness, low buildup, high proficiency and various activity locales. Zebshi mancozeb 80% WP has great similarity, can be blended in with numerous fundamental fungicides, it works on the viability and defer the development of protection from foundational pesticides. It enjoys the benefits of improved adequacy and higher security for crops.

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    Dynamic fixings: Magnesium (Mn) and Zinc (Zn)
    Similarity: Zebshi Mancozeb 80% WP is viable with most ordinarily utilized agrarian fungicides, insect sprays and development guidelines.
    Poisonousness class: Zebshi Mancozeb 80% WP is probably not going to be risky.
    Method of activity: Zebshi Mancozeb 80% WP is a defensive fungicide which responds with, and inactivates sulfhydryl (SH) gatherings of amino acids and chemicals of contagious cells, bringing about interruption of lipid digestion, breath and creation of ATP.
    Bundle size: 250g Sachet |

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