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  • Agriful Fertilizer is a biostimulant that reinforces the improvement of the root foundation by expanding the quantity of root hairs, working on the wholesome status of plants. Hostile to push and detoxifying impact. It builds the populaces of gainful soil microorganisms. It further develops the dirt construction in the space of root impact.

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  • Fruit Setting Biostimulant Organic Foliar fertilizer is the system in which flora grow to be fruit and potential fruit length is decided. It happens after pollen is launched from male flower elements (anthers), lands on receptive girl flower elements (stigmas), produces a tube that grows to the ovules, and fertilizes eggs contained in them.

    Features of fruit setting foliar fertilizer

    Fruit putting foliar fertilizer can serve as a well timed measure to put together the crops to expected biotic or abiotic stress, including sit back, drought, or warmness stresses.
    The high efficacy gives a vast discount of the application fee (as compared to soil utility), with out compromising the effects, as a result a marked saving on the fertilizer is carried out and a minimal environmental footprint takes region.
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  • Tecamin brix is a biostimulant in view of potassium and boron for the subjective improvement of the natural product, with saccharides and forerunner particles of aging variables. It advances the advancement of the organic product, expands the size of the natural product as well as the variety and the substance of sugars, causing a subjective improvement of the business boundaries of the natural products.

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  • We supply Tecnokel Amino CaB which contains calcium, boron, and amino acids micronutrients required for plant’s ideal development and the anticipation of bloom end decay in vegetables like tomatoes, and so on.

    This item is a biostimulant broadly utilized by ranchers to increment crop yields and to improve the yield of natural product trees and different harvests.
    It gives dissolvable calcium which is fundamental for cell divider obstruction and working on quality and time span of usability as well as expanding the extent of attractive produce.
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