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    Boost Xtra foliar fertilizer complex consists of NPK and trace elements as its active ingredients.

    Its mode of action is foliar absorption. It is applied to crops when much leaves as been formed and can be used on the following crops: rice, maize, leafy vegetables, sorghum, etc.

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  • Chicken Friendly Boost

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    Chicken Friendly™ Boost is Fosera’s Evolutionary advancement. This strong and reasonable sun based generator intended for home and useful use can uphold requesting private companies and homes totally off-the-matrix. Presently selling in Nigeria, Chicken Friendly Boost is accessible on the web and supports adaptable installment choices.

    With an imaginative crossover mix of Lithium (LiFePO4) and a lead corrosive battery accessible in four strong sizes up to 1kWh, the Fosera EVO can uphold the most requesting family or business. With 5 V USB and 12 V outlet connectors, Fosera DC machines can be effectively run including lighting, telephone charging, radio, TV, fan, refrigeration and water warming.

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