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  • Do you want a strong and financially savvy natural compost for your ranch? You are right here! We have precisely exact thing you’re searching for.

    Castor cake is a plant-based natural manure that makes a living soil, wealthy in humus and fundamental supplements expected for the useful development of your harvests.
    The offered item is the way to developing healthy products of the soil, plentiful blossoms, and enduring trees and bushes.
    It is profoundly wealthy in nitrogen, minor components, and natural matter.
    You can involve it for a dirt. It likewise has regular insecticidal and pesticidal properties.
    The cost recorded is per 50kg sacks of castor cake.

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  • Neem cake natural excrement is the result acquired during the time spent cold squeezing of neem tree products of the soil, and the dissolvable extraction process for neem oil cake. It is an expected wellspring of natural excrement under and a decision item for natural ranchers. The neem tree: ‘Azadirachta indica’ is evergreen and generally found in tropical and sub-tropical regions.

    Neem oil, Neem powder, and Neem leaf removes repulse bother while Neem cake can be utilized to recharge the dirt supplements.
    Our extraordinarily bundled neem cakes are accessible for transportation cross country.

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