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  • CHAMP DP is an expansive range fungicide-bactericide, for the control of sicknesses in crops.

    A copper fungicide safeguards against a great many contagious infections that can be utilized on organic products, vegetables, and ornamentals.

    It is a simple to utilize dry granules with dustless fine molecule size for even, intensive inclusion and better adherence to establish surfaces.

    It very well may be utilized to control infections like anthracnose, stick shrink, leaf spot, stick spot, prod scourge, melanosis, verrucose, earthy colored decay, leaf spot, wool mold, septoria spot, earthy colored spot, dark spot, leaf twist, shot opening, bladder plum, bacterial impact, bacterial curse, precise leaf spot, and so forth.

    Item Features

    Dynamic Ingredient: 375g/kg copper as copper hydroxide as a water-dispersible granule.
    A defensive copper fungicide for the control of numerous infections of organic product, vegetables, and ranger service.
    Bundle size: 50g

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