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  • Horivacao is a South American tree that’s been known to provide multiple benefits for the people of the Amazonian region.Video Description: The horivaco has been used for centuries in Ecuador and Colombia, traditionally to make rope and clothing, but now it’s also used as an insect repellent, painkiller and fever reducer.The Horivacao Coconut Tree Climber is an innovative product that takes this traditional technique to a new level by making climbs safer and easier. With its easy-to-use climbing belt and safety harness, it provides protection against falls that can lead to serious injury or death, while also significantly reducing fatigue.

    • Skin Friendly
    • Portable & Light Weight, Stainless Steel Material
    • Critical Parts are powder coated to prevent rusting.
    • Certified by Central Govt Board of India
    • Free Stainless Steel Ropes
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