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  • Prime Shi DDVP 1000

    4.33 out of 5

    Prime Shi is an organophorous bug spray with many exercises. It is an organophosphorus bug spray utilized for the control of biting and sucking bugs in different yields. It controls stem drill, leaf envelope and whorl slimy parasite in paddy. It controls shoot drill and root drill in sugarcane.

    Dynamic Ingredient: 1000g/l dichlovos as emulsifiable concentrate.

    Designated bother: flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, kissing bugs, subterranean insects, flies, bug, vermin and so forth.

    Can be utilized on extensive variety of harvests, including organic products, plants, vegetables, ornamentals, tea, rice, cotton, jumps, glasshouse crops and so forth.

    Bundle size: 1Litre

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