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  • Agriful Fertilizer is a biostimulant that reinforces the improvement of the root foundation by expanding the quantity of root hairs, working on the wholesome status of plants. Hostile to push and detoxifying impact. It builds the populaces of gainful soil microorganisms. It further develops the dirt construction in the space of root impact.

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  • Agrovet NPK 20:20:20 is a water dissolvable foliar compost that gives a reasonable recipe to the development of your vegetable plants. It’s pre-owned all through the existence pattern of the plant and expands designated crop yield.

    Part: 20% Nitrogen, 20%, Phosphorus, 20% Potassium

    Weight per unit is 1kg
    Amount required per hectare is 5kg

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  • Agrovert Potasse Fertilizer is a100% soluble foliar fertilizer that gives a balanced system for the growth of your plant life.

    It is high-quality for seed germination, acceleration of root formation & development, and encouragement of first-rate plant products.
    Purchase our top class fertilizer and be assured that your vegetation will preserve on stoning up fantastically and strongly because it’s miles a water-soluble fertilizer that includes all three principal plant nutrients.
    Weight consistent with unit is 1kg
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    Boost Xtra foliar fertilizer complex consists of NPK and trace elements as its active ingredients.

    Its mode of action is foliar absorption. It is applied to crops when much leaves as been formed and can be used on the following crops: rice, maize, leafy vegetables, sorghum, etc.

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    Boostract bio natural energizer kelp remove is a top notch natural manure that is a dietary answer for plants which develops the ripeness of the dirt and gives wanted brings about terms of amount and quality yield of produce.

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  • Boostract is a top notch dietary answer for plants that development the ripeness of the dirt and gives guaranteed brings about terms of yield and nature of produce. The kelp remove present in Boostract supports lively development and deflects nuisances and sicknesses on natural product, blossoms, vegetables, yards, and so on.

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    Bormical is a foliar-applied fluid compost to give amino acids, calcium nitrate, boron and other fundamental supplements to meet the healthful necessities of their yields. It is a water-dissolvable manure planned to stay on the leaves and support the plants over the long run.

    It is reasonable for use on vegetables, orchids, ornamentals, and different harvests.

    Item Features:

    Bundle size: 500ml
    Organization: amino acids, calcium (nitrate) and boron.

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  • We offer C-Maxi Force Fertilizer which is a foliar-applied fluid manure generally involved by ranchers for increase in crops efficiency.

    It is a water-solvent manure containing amino acids, calcium (nitrate) and boron.
    The item is liberated from unsafe mixtures like chloride, sodium, perchlorate, unnecessary sulfate, and so forth that can endanger plant development.
    C-Maxi Forcel contains an uncommonly evolved adjuvant for better grip to the leaf surface, further developed retention, and delayed activity.
    The item comes in 500ml jugs and it is accessible for cross country conveyance.
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  • Eurosolids Calcium Nitrate Anhydrous Horticultural Grade Plus is a highly pure Calcium fertilizer with a neglectable amount of ammonium, making it a top choice for soilless cultivation. Our product is the highest concentrated product on the market. It is not sensitive to caking and is recommended during fruit set and fruit development phases. The high level of Calcium improves the strength of cell walls. The presence of Nitrogen has a positive effect on the uptake of Calcium in the plant.

    • Improves fruit quality and shelf-life
    • Highly concentrated to reduce amount of product applied
    • Developed for fertigation in greenhouses and for foliar application
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  • We offer YaraLiva NITRABOR™ Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer which is a premium product that contains both calcium and nitrogen, which are nutrients plants require to survive.

    • Calcium is vital for some plants to be able to produce seeds, and it also helps a plant to produce a better quality of fruit with a longer shelf life.
    • Calcium is an important element in the formation of plant cell walls, and the proper availability of calcium in a plant will help to ensure cell walls are strong, protecting the plant from diseases and stressors.
    • The offered products are packaged in 25kg bags.
    • It is soluble in water and contains 15.5% nitrogen and 18.8% calcium.

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  • YaraLiva™ NITRABOR™ is a unique field grade calcium nitrate, with additional boron for responsive crops.

    • It is especially suited to give quality benefits to vegetables, including potatoes.
    • Boron and calcium work in tandem to deliver quality crops.
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  • Do you want a strong and financially savvy natural compost for your ranch? You are right here! We have precisely exact thing you’re searching for.

    Castor cake is a plant-based natural manure that makes a living soil, wealthy in humus and fundamental supplements expected for the useful development of your harvests.
    The offered item is the way to developing healthy products of the soil, plentiful blossoms, and enduring trees and bushes.
    It is profoundly wealthy in nitrogen, minor components, and natural matter.
    You can involve it for a dirt. It likewise has regular insecticidal and pesticidal properties.
    The cost recorded is per 50kg sacks of castor cake.

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