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  • Hybrid Banana Sucker

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    sucker is a lateral shoot that develops from the rhizome and emerges from the soil usually near the parent plant. It is a form of asexual, or vegetative, reproduction, that makes the banana plant perennial. Suckers emerge and ensure a more or less continuous supply of shoots, each capable of producing an inflorescence. They have been used as planting material since the early days of domestication by severing them from the mat and transplanting them to a new location.

    Both wild species of bananas and cultivated bananas produce suckers. The clump of plants formed by the parent plant and its suckers is commonly called a mat. The botanical term for a mat is genet, and for a sucker is ramet.

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  • Typranor is a aggregate of effective antibiotics (Tylosin and Apramycin sulphate) and a mucolytic (Bromhexine). It is prepared as a hundred gram sachet provided as a water soluble powder.


    It is used within the remedy of chronic respiratory disorder (CRD) associated with mycoplasma gallisepticumIt is used to treat bacterial infections because of E. Coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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  • Z-Force | Fungicide | 1kg

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    Z-Force is a multi-cause, preventive, touch, broad-spectrum fungicide. Z-force is a carbamates fungicide for powerful disease manipulate and safety of discipline vegetation, culmination, veggies including tomato, cotton, tea, coffee, tobacco, potato, rice, oil palm, rubber, sugarcane, banana, and lawn. It controls black- spot, leaf spot, black-rot, downy mould, anthracnose, early and overdue blight.

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  • layer concentrate contains a high-quality protein source, crude fiber, crude ash, and other necessary vitamins and minerals. This range is widely appreciated for its optimum quality, hygienic processing, and easily digestible nature. It contains all micro-ingredients and proteins in a well-mixed concentrate.

    minimum order is 100 bags

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