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  • Fruit Setting Biostimulant Organic Foliar fertilizer is the system in which flora grow to be fruit and potential fruit length is decided. It happens after pollen is launched from male flower elements (anthers), lands on receptive girl flower elements (stigmas), produces a tube that grows to the ovules, and fertilizes eggs contained in them.

    Features of fruit setting foliar fertilizer

    Fruit putting foliar fertilizer can serve as a well timed measure to put together the crops to expected biotic or abiotic stress, including sit back, drought, or warmness stresses.
    The high efficacy gives a vast discount of the application fee (as compared to soil utility), with out compromising the effects, as a result a marked saving on the fertilizer is carried out and a minimal environmental footprint takes region.
    Package size -100ml

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  • Strong climbers, passion fruit vines produce colorful, delectable fruits that can be planted and enjoyed in one’s own backyard gardens. The fruit, which is packed with seeds, is well-known for its nutritional content and several health benefits for the body.

    Purchasing a seedling from a nursery or gardening supply store will make it simple to plant the fruit.

    Send in your orders right away to receive your seedlings immediately!

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