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  • Without compromising feed quality, we offer our industry-eminent New Hope finisher takes care of.

    Delivered in consistence with winning quality and industry principles and very much prescribed for developing birds to work on the nutritive equilibrium.
    They are very much suggested for grill finishers (from the fifth seven day stretch old enough until butcher) to upgrade their nutritive equilibrium.
    New Hope takes care of are generally valued for their more drawn out time span of usability, high nourishing substance, and superb quality.
    They come in business and expert proportions. Put in a request contingent upon your decision!

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  • The New Hope of producers pound is given to poultry birds from the ninth week through to the point the main egg drops (around the fifteenth week).

    Producer Mash is offset with nutrient and mineral premix to assist chicks with accomplishing their ideal potential with practically no development chemical.
    Feed consumption per bird all through this period is 3kg and the bodyweight feasible is 1.26kg.
    Advances quick skeletal development by working on the equilibrium of calcium, phosphorus and different supplements.
    It further develops the weight measures and equality of pullets at the arrangement stage.
    Advances the improvement of muscle while considering the underlying improvement of the regenerative framework.

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  • The mashed form of New HopeLayer Mash is a nutritionally complete poultry feed. The goal of the layer mash is to increase egg production in laying flocks and provide the best possible flock homogeneity.

    It is advised to use our layer mash from 16 weeks till the end of the laying cycle.

    During this time, each bird consumes 42.3 kg of food, and the maximum body weight that can be reached is 2 kg.

    25 kg sacks are used to package them.

    100 bags must be ordered minimum, and shipping is available countrywide.

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  • The Pre-Lay Mash (New Hope Feeds) is pointed toward accomplishing a better calcium digestion, feed consumption as well as herd consistency.

    It is all around prescribed from about four months old enough to the beginning of lay.
    It works on the skeletal strength and bone marrow nature of the pre-lay birds.
    Utilizing this item, the assessed feed admission per bird is 1.65kg and the reachable bodyweight is 1.5kg.
    They are introduced in pound structure and gathered in 25kg sacks.
    The base request is 100 sacks and conveyance is cross country.

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  • Do you try to buy quality take care of for your herd? Our New Hope Broiler Starter Feeds are pointed toward accomplishing a higher feed usage rate, further developed development, and improvement in herds.

    The offered takes care of are appropriate for grill starter chicks from the principal seven day stretch of life till around 3 weeks.
    They are results of effective examination into poultry nourishment and blended utilizing different quality unrefined components.
    New Hope takes care of are generally valued for their more extended timeframe of realistic usability, high wholesome substance and great quality.
    They are introduced in pelleted shapes and bundled in 25kg packs.
    They come in business and expert proportions. Put in a request contingent upon your decision!

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  • We offer New Hope super-starter feed (for grills) which is properly figured out to guarantee early oven development and further developed wellbeing. This outcomes in high, reproducible and beneficial domesticated animals creation results.

    Our super-starters are exceptional nourishing bundle taken care of to oven chickens for the initial three to five days post-hatch.
    They contain various wellsprings of protein, fats and starches along with explicit nutrients, minerals, and amino corrosive incorporations.
    This is introduced in the disintegrated structure and bundled in 25kg sacks.
    They come in business and expert apportions. Submit a request contingent upon your decision!

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  • Rice Hope (100ml)

    4.00 out of 5

    RICEHOPE is a post emergence herbicide for rice farm to govern bindweed and some annual huge-leaved weeds in food and non-meals conditions. Rice Hope Pre-emergence, early publish-emergence selective contact agricultural herbicide includes (bispyribac sodium) as the active Ingredient.

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