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  • A fiery, aromatic habanero pepper type called Lengai RZ F1 hybrid was created at Rijk Zwaan and has an incredible fruit production. It has had a bio-stimulant treatment that promotes quick germination, better fruit quality, and enhanced ripening. Despite being able to be planted in rainy conditions, Lengai RZ F1 Habanero peppers grow best in warm climates.

    Product attributes:
    After 5 months, the outdoor yield per plant is 4.9 kg.

    After seven months, the indoor or greenhouse plant is still producing 18.2 kg.
    500 seeds per sachet in the package.
    Early maturity; harvest occurs 60 days after transplanting.
    Weight of fruit: 80–90 g
    Diseases that are resistant: resistant to flea beetles, aphids, cutworms, and Colorado potato beetles.

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