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  • Ross 308 day-old chick broilers satisfy the demands of customers who require a bird that performs consistently well and has the versatility to meet a broad range of end-product requirements.

    • The price here is for a carton of 50 chicks. You can buy as many cartons as you want.
    • Schedule for vaccination/medication and product information guides will be forwarded to your mails upon placement of successful orders.
    • ALL  Agrited Broiler (Bx) DOC’s are going to be hatchery vaccinated with (New Castle) VH + Infectious Bronchitis H 120
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  • The High-Quality Ear Tag Applicator is an exceptionally solid, exact and dependable tool which can be utilized to apply enormous, medium and little ear labels for domesticated animals.

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  • These ear labels incorporate clear labels and laser numbered choices. They are demonstrated for use on both meat and dairy steers.

    Each is a two-section tag, applied through the ear of the singular creatures with an ear label tool.

    The cost here is for a bunch of 100 pieces. We have different tones accessible too.

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  • It is a wholesome nutritionally balanced feed formulated
    Rich in all the essential amino acid
    Excellent layers mash for laying birds
    It contains ground grains, proteins such as fish and bone meal, and legumes such as alfalfa which help layers to lay more eggs

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  • This book is primarily aimed to help livestock farmers with basic data regarding the scientific production of milk (Cattle and Buffaloes) and meat (Sheep, Goats, and Rabbits) on a small scale. Not many publications are available to provide answers to several doubts the farmers are likely to get on day – to – day basis, especially to suit Indian conditions.

  • Our vertical mixers are available in different capacities. We have sizes for very small farms as well as medium to large farms, and all our mixers are guaranteed to provide excellent and very even mixture of your feed ingredients.We ship and install nationwide
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