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  • Like every single auxiliary supplement, plants don’t require a lot of magnesium to flourish, yet a shortfall of this significant supplement will cause hindered development.

    Magnesium is a vital part of chlorophyll. Without magnesium, the plant can’t create chlorophyll, which will make photosynthesis endure.
    This manure is best used to forestall lacks of magnesium previously or during planting, nonetheless, it can likewise be utilized to address development issues during the developing season.
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  • Maxi Calmag is a calcium magnesium nitrate fertilizer which is the best fertilizer to supply calcium and magnesium to plants.

    • Our CalMag fertilizer is a premium and fertilizer-grade calcined magnesite (Calcium and Magnesium) suitable for use in farming and crop production.
    • The offered product contains specialized nutrients designed to compensate for deficiencies in most nutrient and fertilizer schedules.
    • It is sized in spherical granules, which makes it excellent for easy spreading and physical compatibility characteristics.

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