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  • Z-Force Fungicide, which has Mancozeb as its dynamic fixing, is a multi-reason, preventive, contact, expansive range fungicide successful for infectious prevention and insurance of field crops. Mancozeb is a significant fungicide valuable against an extensive variety of parasite influencing fancy plants, harvests, and natural products like dark spot, leaf spot, dark decay, wool mold, anthracnose, early and late curse.

    Item Features

    Dynamic Ingredient: Mancozeb 80 % WP
    Family: Ethylene Bisdithiocarbamate, (EBDC).
    Method of activity: Preventive fungicide used to control fine buildup, wool mold, leaf curse, leaf spot illnesses
    Pace of purpose: 1500 g
    Dose application: 50g/15 L sprayer
    Application: On-field crops, organic products, vegetables. Some of which incorporate tomato, cotton, tea, espresso, tobacco, potato, rice, oil palm, elastic, sugarcane, banana, and yard.
    Bundling: 1kg (10 sachets/container), 100g (100 sachets/container) and 50g (200 sachets/container)
    Thing Type: Fungicide.

    Size : 50g - 100g - 1kg
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