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Z-Force Fungicide (Mancozeb 80% WP)


Z-Force Fungicide has Mancozeb as its dynamic fixing, is a multi-reason, preventive, contact, expansive range fungicide successful for infectious prevention and insurance of field crops. Mancozeb is a significant fungicide valuable against an extensive variety of parasites influencing fancy plants, harvests, and natural products like dark spot, leaf spot, dark decay, wool mold, anthracnose, early and late curse.

Z-Force Fungicide Features

Dynamic Ingredient: Mancozeb 80 % WP
Family: Ethylene Bisdithiocarbamate, (EBDC).
Method of activity: Preventive fungicide used to control fine buildup, wool mold, leaf curse, leaf spot illnesses
The pace of purpose: 1500 g
Dose application: 50g/15 L sprayer
Application: On-field crops, organic products, vegetables. Some of these include tomato, cotton, tea, espresso, tobacco, potato, rice, oil palm, elastic, sugarcane, banana, and yard.
Bundling: 1kg (10 sachets/container), 100g (100 sachets/container) and 50g (200 sachets/container)
Thing Type: Fungicide.

Z-Force Fungicide Z-Force Fungicide (Mancozeb 80...


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Z-Force Fungicide (Mancozeb 80% WP)
Z-Force is a multi-reason, preventive, contact, wide range fungicide compelling for infectious prevention and security of field crops, organic products, likewise vegetables, for example, tomato, cotton, tea, espresso, tobacco, potato, rice, oil palm, elastic, sugarcane, banana, and yard. It quells dark spots, leaf spots, dark decay, fleece mold, anthracnose, and early and late scourge.

Zforce Fungicide is an expansive range of protectant fungicides for the control of a great many sicknesses in farming, plant, and fancy harvests. Mancozeb is an ethylene (bis) dithiocarbamate fungicide from the carbamate gathering and follows up on different destinations in contagious cells to control illnesses. It has low dissolvability in water and separates rapidly
in soil and water.

Z-Force Fungicide gives just present moment protectant infectious prevention and ought to be applied before parasitic spores grow. Various applications at standard stretches are prescribed all through the season to keep up with the cover. Stretches between applications are ordinarily 7-10 days yet can differ from 5-28 days depending upon factors impacting infection improvement and remaining life, especially atmospheric conditions. Inclusion is

Z-Force Fungicide has been named a contact fungicide with preventive movement, against an extensive variety of parasites influencing decorative plants, harvests, and natural products It is an overall fungicide with great viability, which is free of the temperature and non-connected with the course of the sap. It hinders the germination of organism spores.

Portability in the plant:

Contact fungicides (AKA protectants): are not consumed by the plant and stick to establish surfaces. They give a defensive hindrance that keeps the parasite from entering and harming plant tissues.
Portable or Systemic items (otherwise called penetrants): are consumed by the plant and can move from the site of use to different pieces of the plant. Development in the plant fluctuates by the fungicide, from moving to old and new tissues (amphymobile or genuine fundamental), new development (acropetally or xylem versatile), moving from the top to the lower part of the leaf surface (translaminar).

Preventive fungicides: work by keeping the parasite from getting into the plant. The preventive fungicide should come into direct contact with the growth, and they must be re-applied to new establish tissues (as leaves or needles extend in the spring) or on the other hand in the event that the item washes off.
Healing fungicides: influence the organism after disease. This implies they can stop the sickness after the disease has begun or after the principal side effects are noticed. Fungicides that can move in the plant can be both safeguard and corrective.

Method Of Action Of Z-Force Fungicide (Mancozeb 80% WP)
This alludes to what the fungicide means for the growth. Fungicides will work by harming the cell film of the parasite, restraining a significant cycle that the growths, pinpointing single or various cycles in the organism. Z-force consolidate various methods of activity by combination or by substituting items to keep up with viability and forestall fungicide opposition.

Application Usage And Guidance For Z-Force Fungicide (Mancozeb 80% WP)
Apply fungicides preceding the advancement of sickness, despite the fact that they might have foundational (“payoff”) activity they won’t totally destroy illnesses after they have begun. Furthermore, when a solitary sickness sore is seen in the field, a lot more sores excessively little to notice are now working at your yield.
Utilize more limited shower stretches during climate helpful for plant infection. Be that as it may, most plant infections require leaf wetness, Therefore, during times of downpour and weighty dews more continuous fungicide applications are smart. The typical scope of shower applications is each 7 to 14 days.
Know when to substitute fungicides. Fundamental fungicides, those with a solitary method of activity, whenever applied over and over in grouping, may make the illness growths change into a structure impervious to the fungicide. Continuously substitute fungicide applications from one FRAC code (MOA code) number to another.
Use copper items for bacterial sicknesses. Generally, copper items are more successful against bacterial infections than they are against contagious sicknesses.

Bearings For Use Of Z-Force Fungicide (Mancozeb 80% WP)
The rates recommended are for high-volume showering to run-off.
For concentrate, showering changes the weakening rate as needs be. The expansion of a wetting/entering specialist will further develop dissemination and take-up on difficult to wet plants.
For beans, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, citrus, grapes, lettuce, maize, onions, peaches, potatoes, raspberries, strawberries, sweetcorn: DO NOT matter in somewhere around 14 days of reap.

For different vegetables and tomatoes: DO NOT have any significant bearing in something like 1 day of collect.
Safety measures And Usage Of Z-Force Fungicide
Apply Z-force fungicide to full inclusion of foliage and stems except if generally determined.
For low-volume sprayers change the blending rate to give identical rates per hectare.
Careful, uniform inclusion is fundamental for good infectious prevention.

Don’t premix. Empty Z-force gradually into a ¼ filled splash tank, then, at that point, add the excess water.
Try not to allow the fungicide to settle out in the shower tank. Blend completely.
Reseal part of the way utilized sachets right away.
Z force Fungicide is viable with most normally utilized insect sprays and miticides.
Subsequent to utilizing the fungicide, void the splash tank totally and channel the entire framework.
Completely wash inside the unit utilizing a strain hose.

Channel the shower unit and clean any channels in the tank, siphon, lines, hoses, and spouts.
Subsequent to cleaning the splash unit as over, the quarter loads up with clean water and circles the water through the siphon, lines, hoses, and spouts.

Frequently Asked Questions about Z-Force Fungicide (Mancozeb 80% WP)

General Questions:

  • What is Z-Force Fungicide?

Z-Force Fungicide is a broad-spectrum fungicide used to prevent and control fungal diseases in various crops, fruits, and vegetables. It’s a contact fungicide, meaning it needs to directly touch the fungus to be effective.

  • What crops can Z-Force Fungicide be used on?

Z-Force Fungicide is labeled for use on a wide range of crops, including tomatoes, cotton, tea, coffee, tobacco, potatoes, rice, oil palm, rubber, sugarcane, bananas, and lawns.

  • What diseases does Z-Force Fungicide control?

Z-Force Fungicide is effective against various fungal diseases like black spots, leaf spots, black rot, downy mildew, anthracnose, early blight, and late blight.

Application and Use:

  • How often should I apply Z-Force Fungicide?

The application frequency depends on factors like weather conditions and disease pressure. Generally, applications are recommended every 7-10 days throughout the growing season, but it can range from 5-28 days.

  • How do I mix and apply Z-Force Fungicide?

Always follow the specific instructions on the product label for mixing rates and application methods. The information provided mentions using high-volume spraying to run-off and emphasizes thorough coverage for effective disease prevention.


50g, 100g, 1kg


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