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  • Cabrio Duo Fungicide is an effective, expansive range fungicide with an elevated degree of movement on significant illnesses that undermine crop yield, quality, and efficiency. It contains a functioning fixing called pyraclostrobin that makes it feasible for enhancement of infectious prevention on ranches, further developing plant wellbeing and quality.

    Step by step instructions to Mix Cabrio Duo
    Blend 150-175ml of cabrio pair to 15 liters of water. It’s affordable to get 1 liter pack than the 200ml jug in the event that you’re apply on a section of land/hectare.

    Item Features

    Bottle Size: 1 liter | 500ml | 250ml
    Pre – Emergence

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  • CHAMP DP is an expansive range fungicide-bactericide, for the control of sicknesses in crops.

    A copper fungicide safeguards against a great many contagious infections that can be utilized on organic products, vegetables, and ornamentals.

    It is a simple to utilize dry granules with dustless fine molecule size for even, intensive inclusion and better adherence to establish surfaces.

    It very well may be utilized to control infections like anthracnose, stick shrink, leaf spot, stick spot, prod scourge, melanosis, verrucose, earthy colored decay, leaf spot, wool mold, septoria spot, earthy colored spot, dark spot, leaf twist, shot opening, bladder plum, bacterial impact, bacterial curse, precise leaf spot, and so forth.

    Item Features

    Dynamic Ingredient: 375g/kg copper as copper hydroxide as a water-dispersible granule.
    A defensive copper fungicide for the control of numerous infections of organic product, vegetables, and ranger service.
    Bundle size: 50g

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  • This is a contact and foundational fungicide for the control of scourge infections, fleece buildup, bacterial sicknesses. Utilized in potato and cocoa manor.

    Dynamic fixing: Copper Oxide 69 % + Cymoxanil 4.2% WP

    Measurements/15 ml sprayer: 50g

    Pace of Use/Ha: 1kg

  • Five Star Fungicide(Azoxystrobin + Difenoconazole) | 100ml is a fundamental fungicides with SC(Suspension Concentrate) for controlling many parasitic illnesses in vegetables, leafy foods crops. It is Formulated for Agricultural Uses Only.

    Item Features:

    Dynamic Ingredient: 200 g/L Azoxystrobin + 125 g/L Difenoconazole.
    Structure: Liquid.
    Definition: Suspension Concentrate(SC).
    Bundle Size: 100ml.

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  • Greatness Fungicide, by UPL restricted, is a wide range contact fungicide with twofold defensive activities against fine mold, early late and late curse, rust and mucks, wool buildup, whiteflies and leaf spots.

    Items highlights:

    Dynamic fixings: Mancozeb 70% + Azoxystrobin 5% WG
    Definition: Water-Dispersible Granules (WG)
    Bundling: 250g sachet

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  • Gatekeeper xtra which is exceptionally expansive range and successful fungicide from the stable of rainbow synthetics utilized in the counteraction and control of an assortment of contagious diseases. it is utilized both as corrective and preventive for control of contagious contaminations in field yields and vegetables. It is reasonable for use in an assortment of vegetables and field harvests like onions , tomatoes , beans , citrus , pineapple as well as cabbage.

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  • Jumper D Fungicide is a contact and fundamental horticultural fungicide by Solevo used to control a large number of contagious infections on a wide scope of yields. A wettable powder acts by forestalling spore germination and zoospore motility when applied to the foliage of plants and furthermore as a cellulose union inhibitor. Jumper D has multi-site action. It is applied as a foliar treatment for the counteraction of wool buildup, early and late scourges, crown, and root decays for, potatoes, tomatoes, and different vegetables.

    Item Features:

    Dynamic Ingredient: Dimethomorpe 80g/kg +Chlorothalonil400g/kg
    Method of Action: Contact/fundamental; expansive range, foliar activity.
    Bundling Size: 60g

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  • We offer Ultimax Plus which is a foundational agrarian fungicide utilized normally for the control of dark case illness (Phytophthora sp.) of cocoa.

    The item is a multi-reason, defensive, contact, and lingering fungicide for compelling infectious prevention and assurance of field yields, organic products, and vegetables.
    The dynamic fixing in Ultimax Plus is metalaxyl-12% in addition to copper (1) oxide 60% WP.
    Shop with us now and we convey cross country.

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  • Z-Force is a multi-reason, preventive, contact, wide range fungicide. Z-force is a carbamates fungicide for successful infectious prevention and insurance of field crops, natural products, vegetables, for example, tomato, cotton, tea, espresso, tobacco, potato, rice, oil palm, elastic, sugarcane, banana, and grass. It controls dark spot, leaf spot, dark decay, wool mold, anthracnose, early and late curse. Place orders for Z-Force today.

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  • Z-Force Fungicide, which has Mancozeb as its dynamic fixing, is a multi-reason, preventive, contact, expansive range fungicide successful for infectious prevention and insurance of field crops. Mancozeb is a significant fungicide valuable against an extensive variety of parasite influencing fancy plants, harvests, and natural products like dark spot, leaf spot, dark decay, wool mold, anthracnose, early and late curse.

    Item Features

    Dynamic Ingredient: Mancozeb 80 % WP
    Family: Ethylene Bisdithiocarbamate, (EBDC).
    Method of activity: Preventive fungicide used to control fine buildup, wool mold, leaf curse, leaf spot illnesses
    Pace of purpose: 1500 g
    Dose application: 50g/15 L sprayer
    Application: On-field crops, organic products, vegetables. Some of which incorporate tomato, cotton, tea, espresso, tobacco, potato, rice, oil palm, elastic, sugarcane, banana, and yard.
    Bundling: 1kg (10 sachets/container), 100g (100 sachets/container) and 50g (200 sachets/container)
    Thing Type: Fungicide.

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  • Zebshi Fungicide Agro-Chemical 80% WP is a multipurpose fungicide with great properties, for example, expansive range, low harmfulness, low buildup, high proficiency and various activity locales. Zebshi mancozeb 80% WP has great similarity, can be blended in with numerous fundamental fungicides, it works on the viability and defer the development of protection from foundational pesticides. It enjoys the benefits of improved adequacy and higher security for crops.

    Item includes

    Dynamic fixings: Magnesium (Mn) and Zinc (Zn)
    Similarity: Zebshi Mancozeb 80% WP is viable with most ordinarily utilized agrarian fungicides, insect sprays and development guidelines.
    Poisonousness class: Zebshi Mancozeb 80% WP is probably not going to be risky.
    Method of activity: Zebshi Mancozeb 80% WP is a defensive fungicide which responds with, and inactivates sulfhydryl (SH) gatherings of amino acids and chemicals of contagious cells, bringing about interruption of lipid digestion, breath and creation of ATP.
    Bundle size: 250g Sachet |

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