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Emzeb 80 WP Fungicide is a wide range fungicide, with defensive activities against Fungal sicknesses. It acts by hindering cell digestion of parasites in various spots.

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Emzeb 80 WP Fungicide is a wettable powder detailing. The presence of the item is that of a light yellow homogeneous wet residue. It isn’t touchy, has no oxidizing properties. Its self-start temperature isn’t underneath 400°C. In a watery arrangement, it has a pH worth of around 6.5. The solidness information show a timeframe of realistic usability of no less than 2 years at encompassing temperature. Its specialized qualities are OK for a WP detailing.

Dynamic Ingredients
803.6 g/kg Mancozeb: Mancozeb is immediately debased in soils with a DT50 of 0.125 days. The primary corruption metabolites are EBIS, ETU and EU with items in 19 to 29 %. These metabolites are additionally fleeting with DT50 values up to 4.2 days.

Defensive Measures while utilizing Emzeb 80 WP Fungicide
Keep out of the range of youngsters.
Wear defensive gloves/defensive attire/eye assurance/face insurance.
IF ON SKIN: Wash with a lot of water
Remove tainted attire and wash it before reuse.
Store secured.
Get extraordinary guidelines before use.
Whenever uncovered or concerned: Get clinical guidance/consideration.
Try not to permit fluids and their deposits, specialists and their buildups, purged holders or packs as well as cleaning and flushing fluids to get into waterways. This additionally applies to roundabout data sources by means of the sewer framework, yard, and road channels as well as downpour and sewer channels.
Keep away from inward breath of residue/smoke/gas/fog/fumes/spray
Keep away from any superfluous contact with the specialist. Abuse can prompt harm to wellbeing.
The rule for the prerequisites for individual defensive gear in plant assurance “Individual defensive hardware while dealing with plant security items” should be noticed.
Try not to eat, drink or smoke while dealing with the item.


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