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CocoForce is a compelling therapeudic fungicide. The item is a contact and foundational fungicide for the control of scourge sicknesses, fleece buildup, and bacterial illnesses in potato and cocoa ranches.

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CocoForce Fungicide
CocoForce is a therapeudic fungicide used to control late curse illness in potato yields, and dark unit sickness in cocoa. The item is a contact and foundational fungicide for the control of curse illnesses, fleece mold, and bacterial sicknesses in potato and cocoa ranches.

Dynamic Ingredient

Copper Oxide 69 % + Cymoxanil 4.2% WP. Cymoxanil infiltrates the leaves and immediately obliterated the generally arising microorganisms. In this manner subsequently, the item stops the improvement of the mycelium and the impact of contagious microorganisms and gives further typical advancement of the harvests. The remedial impact is best when the treatment is led in the primary portion of the brooding time frame

Ways to oversee Fungal illnesses on your homestead

Be resolved to cultivate sterilization – tidy up your homestead and eliminate all weeds, and harvest garbage, and volunteer hosts
Utilize safe or open minded assortments
Utilize clean transfers and endlessly seed (medicines)
Screen weather patterns (especially temperature, dampness, and leaf wetness)
Know applicable illness expectation models
Comprehend the ramifications for water system timing and limit free dampness and high mugginess periods (for example flooding at around 4 am instead of at sunset, not inundating during top times of spore discharge)
Proper yield turns (long revolutions with non-have harvests might be fundamental)
Keep away from intensely pervaded blocks by testing soil for soilborne sicknesses prior to planting
Screen crops consistently and have the option to identify early side effects on your harvest
Correct and oversee soil to detriment the parasites (a few contagious illnesses can get by in the dirt for quite a long time or more)
Limit manners by which the illness can spread on-ranch – eliminate and annihilate debilitated plants when side effects first show
Comprehend the impact of establishing time, plant dispersing and covering crops
Apply precaution fungicides in light of atmospheric conditions
Figure out fungicide obstruction and turn of synthetic gatherings.


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