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Alion Herbicide|100ML


Alion Herbicide is a powerful non-selective pre-emergence herbicide specially formulated for use in established perennial crops like oil palm, rubber, citrus, banana/plantain, and coffee. Its advanced formula inhibits meristem growth, weed germination, root growth, and weed emergence, providing a long-lasting and robust solution for weed control. It is a key tool for farmers looking to maintain weed-free conditions in perennial crop plantations.

Key Attributes:

  1. Non-Selective Control: The Herbicide offers non-selective control, effectively targeting a broad spectrum of weeds without favoring specific plant types.
  2. Pre-emergence Action: Formulated for pre-emergence application, Alion prevents the germination and emergence of weeds, providing proactive weed control.
  3. Broad-Spectrum Activity: Effective against a wide range of weeds, Alion addresses various weed species that can threaten the growth of established perennial crops.

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Alion Herbicide Alion Herbicide|100ML


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Alion Herbicide stands as a groundbreaking non-selective broad-spectrum pre-emergence herbicide, designed to revolutionize weed control in established perennial crops like oil palm, rubber, citrus, banana/plantain, and coffee. Meticulously formulated, Alion Herbicide represents a significant leap forward in herbicidal technology. This herbicide exerts its effect by inhibiting meristem growth, weed germination, root growth, and weed emergence, ensuring a longer-lasting and comprehensive control of weeds. With its advanced features and versatility, It is an indispensable solution for farmers in perennial crop cultivation, providing effective and sustained weed management to safeguard crop health and maximize yields.


  1. Non-Selective Broad-Spectrum Control: Alion Herbicide offers non-selective control, effectively targeting a broad spectrum of weeds, including both grasses and broadleaf weeds, ensuring comprehensive weed management.
  2. Pre-Emergence Application: Designed for pre-emergence use, It acts as a proactive solution by inhibiting weed germination, root growth, and emergence, providing early and sustained control.
  3. Established Perennial Crop Compatibility: Tailored for use in established perennial crops such as oil palm, rubber, citrus, banana/plantain, and coffee, Alion Herbicide integrates seamlessly into existing cultivation practices.
  4. Inhibition of Meristem Growth: By inhibiting meristem growth in weeds, Alion Herbicide disrupts the vital growth points in weed anatomy, preventing the development of new shoots and ensuring long-term control.
  5. Root Growth Inhibition: It hampers the root growth of weeds, limiting their ability to establish a strong foothold in the soil, thereby contributing to a reduction in weed competition for essential nutrients.
  6. Extended Control Duration: The formulation of It ensures a longer-lasting control of weeds, minimizing the need for frequent herbicide applications and providing sustained protection for perennial crops.
  7. Versatile Crop Application: It is versatile and can be effectively used in various perennial crops, offering farmers flexibility in weed control management across diverse agricultural settings.
  8. Minimized Weed Emergence: By hindering weed emergence, It reduces the population of emerging weeds, creating a cleaner and healthier environment for perennial crops to thrive.

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Order Alion Herbicide today and experience the benefits of cutting-edge pre-emergence herbicidal control in your fields.

Alion Herbicide: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions:

  • What is Alion Herbicide?
    • Alion Herbicide is a non-selective, pre-emergence herbicide designed for established perennial crops.
  • What crops is Alion Herbicide labeled for?
    • It is labeled for use in oil palm, rubber, citrus, banana/plantain, and coffee.
  • What weeds does Alion Herbicide control?
    • It offers broad-spectrum control, targeting a wide variety of grasses and broadleaf weeds.

Application and Mode of Action:

  • How is Alion Herbicide applied?
    • Alion Herbicide is applied before weeds emerge, typically to a dry or slightly moist soil surface.
  • How does Alion Herbicide work?
    • It works by inhibiting meristem growth, root growth, and weed germination, preventing weeds from establishing themselves.

Benefits and Performance:

  • What are the benefits of using Alion Herbicide?
    • Non-selective control of a broad weed spectrum
    • Pre-emergence application for proactive weed prevention
    • Compatibility with established perennial crops
    • Extended control duration, reducing application frequency
    • Versatility for use in various perennial crops

Safety and Environmental Concerns:

  • Is Alion Herbicide safe for use around established perennial crops?
    • Yes, Alion Herbicide is labeled for use in these crops and is designed to minimize harm to them.


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