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Longer-enduring Alion herbicide gives an extraordinary answer for pre-rise control of an expansive scope of grass and broadleaf weeds, including ALS-, ACC-ase-, triazine-and glyphosate-safe species. Alion improves on weed control, permitting makers to direct their concentration toward what truly counts – benefits.

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Alion Herbicide (100ml) is a non-particular wide range pre-rise herbicide for use in laid out perpetual harvests, for example, oil palm, elastic, citrus banana/plantain citrus, and espresso. It represses meristem development, weed germination root development, and weed rise giving longer-enduring control of weeds. Alion Herbicide might be applied to the dirt as a uniform transmission or band application for the counteraction of new weed rise.

Dynamic fixing: Indaziflam 500g/l

Center harvests: Oil palm, Rubber, Citrus, and other modern yields

Portion rate: 100ml/ha (10ml/rucksack)

Advantages of Alion Herbicide (100ml)
Longer-Lasting: Up to a half year of grass and broadleaf weed control
Expansive Spectrum Control: Offers wide range control of grass and broadleaf weeds
Remarkable Chemistry: Brings one of a kind science that controls even glyphosate-safe weeds
More Profits: Allows makers to zero in additional on productivity and less on weeds
Alion herbicide can be applied as long as 14 days before gather on all yields other than citrus, which requires a pre-reap time period days. Best execution happens when applied preceding the downpour and before weed development. At the point when weeds are up, adding a post-development herbicide is suggested.

Bearings FOR USE:
Alion Herbicide might be applied to the dirt as a uniform transmission or band application for the counteraction of new weed rise. It gives preemergence, leftover control of weeds. A dry soil surface at the hour of utilization and 48 hours after application is ideal for restricting the dynamic fixing to soil particles and forestalling its descending development to the harvest’s underlying foundations. Dampness is required for actuation of the herbicide.

Dry soil conditions following the underlying 48-hour time frame after use of the herbicide might bring about decreased weed control. Weeds that develop preceding initiation by downpour or water system may not be controlled. In the event that weeds have arisen, the expansion of a foliar dynamic herbicide is required. The herbicide applied alone won’t control weeds that are as of now arisen.

ATTENTION!!!: Always read and adhere to name guidelines.

4 reviews for Alion Herbicide|100ML

  1. Leo (verified owner)

    “The herbicide is a great product, I can not live without it.”

  2. Ayanfeoluwa (verified owner)

    “I have a garden and my plants are always being attacked by weeds that grow so quickly. I was looking for a quick way to kill them off, but I didn’t want it to harm my other plants too. Herbicide is the perfect solution.”

  3. Richard (verified owner)

    “I’m so glad herbicide was invented. I don’t know how I would have gotten my garden to grow without it.”

  4. Zane (verified owner)

    “I had a serious weed problem in my garden and I was at a loss for what to do. A friend of mine suggested I use this herbicide and it has saved my plants, flowers, and vegetables. It is so easy to use and it kills all the weeds without damaging any of the other plants.”

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