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Hybrid Supergene Sprouted Seeds (Oil Palm Nuts | Pack of 500)


Hybrid Supergene Sprouted Seeds

We offer grown oil palm seeds/nuts lings (Supergene assortments a half year).

1. Get higher yields of oil palm nuts with Hybrid Supergene Sprouted Seeds, designed to withstand yearly precipitation of 2000 mm without a dry season.

2. Achieve optimal oil palm yields with an ideal climate where temperatures remain between 22-24 degrees and 29-33 degrees.

3. Benefit from improved water retention capabilities that sustain healthy growth for your oil palm trees even in times of drought or limited rainfall.

4. Harvest quality oil palm nuts that are a result of our proprietary hybridization process which has been carefully developed over many years.

5. Reduce dependency on chemical fertilizers as Supergene Sprouted Seeds contain a balanced concentration of all essential minerals and vitamins to ensure strong root development and optimal fruit production from the start.

Supergene half-breed organic products in 2-3 years.
Hybrid Supergene Sprouted Seeds is the most unrivaled oil palm half-breed and has thicker roots/stem
The nuts of these cross-breed items are greater, the efficiency is higher, and the holding-up period before creation is extraordinarily diminished.

This species (Supergene) is important for what makes Malaysia the main palm maker on the planet because of its productive creation there.

Hybrid Supergene Sprouted Seeds Hybrid Supergene Sprouted Seed...


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Hybrid Supergene Sprouted Seeds

Our Hybrid Supergene Sprouted Seeds require an equally circulated yearly precipitation of 2000 mm without a characterized dry season. Best oil palm yields are obtained where a most extreme typical temperature of 29-33 degrees and a base typical temperature of 22-24 degrees are accessible.

The harvest requires 1800-2000 daylight hours yearly, more than 300 cal/cm2/each day, and steady daylight of somewhere around 5 hours out of every day for better oil palm yield.
Clammy, profound, and very much depleted medium-finished soils wealthy in humus content are viewed as great for the engendering of these yields.

Gravelly and sandy soils, especially the seaside sands are not great for oil palm development. Weighty dirt soils with unfortunate waste properties might present issues with air circulation during blustery seasons.
We offer a crossover assortment of oil palm seedlings including the Supergene and Tenera assortments.

Elements of Hybrid Supergene Sprouted Seeds
Prior gather (22 – 24 months), contrasted with 36 – four years of SIRM standard seedling.
The first-year reap can ultimately depend on 7 to 8 tons FFB per hectare.

Half-breed Supergene Grew Seeds in the wake of being laid out, the life expectancy is 25 years.
This assortment is impervious to infections like Ganoderma and basal stem decay infection.
Higher oil-to-bundle proportion, over 25% greater seed, more slender shell, and more modest piece.
Longer tree lifecycle, 30 years of organic product bearing, in this manner the pay time frame is longer. Despite the fact that compost application is encouraged, it can flourish well without manures.

With additional female blossoms, the proportion is twice higher than the ordinary species.
More limited trees are simple to reach, accordingly, the gathering cost is decreased.
Tree distance across and circuit is greater, upholds more branches and organic products, and a decrease of gravity impact permits the simple exchange of supplements from the dirt to the natural product.
A more extensive hole between the leaf stems brings about expanded photosynthesis for more vigorous development.

Transplanting Seedlings

Seedlings ought to be taken out from the primary nursery by lifting with a spade and the roots painstakingly cut. Seedlings ought to never be lifted from the dirt by pulling the leaves or stem.
It is vital to keep the seedlings in the shade and out of the sun and to have them planted as soon as conceivable after expulsion from the primary nursery.

When your oil palm tree has begun developing, water the tree oftentimes. However long the dirt depletes well, you truly can’t water it over and over again.
Second, developing oil palms are weighty feeders that require ordinary, complete manure. Search for a compost that gives both the fundamental supplements in addition to following supplements like boron, manganese, and magnesium.
In the blistering season, summer, develop Hybrid Supergene Sprouted Seeds outside and ensure you place it in an exceptionally bright and warm spot.

Developing seeds in polythene packs
For seeds filled in polythene packs, benefits incorporate (more energetic seedlings with superior underground root growth, better foundation, and early bearing, relocating shock are significantly limited since there is no root harm, the early foundation of relocated seedlings, seedlings can be held longer in the nursery when conditions for field planting are not great, weeding, watering and disposal of undesirable seedlings, as well as seedling determination for planting out to the field, are all the more effortlessly achieved.

Polybags are ideally dark, UV safe for solidness, and estimated 40 – 45 cm wide with 8 – 10 openings at the base, and sides are half-loaded up with soil and fertilizer blended at a 50:50 proportion.
Disintegrated sawdust, corncobs, rice structure, and other natural materials can be utilized to diminish the heaviness of the half-filled polybag and further develop seepage and soil ripeness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Hybrid Supergene Sprouted Seeds

What are Hybrid Supergene Sprouted Seeds?

Hybrid Supergene Sprouted Seeds are a high-yielding variety of oil palm seeds created through hybridization. They offer earlier harvests, increased oil production, and resistance to certain diseases compared to traditional oil palm varieties.

What are the benefits of using Hybrid Supergene Sprouted Seeds?

  • Earlier harvest: Can be harvested 22-24 months after planting, compared to 36-48 months for standard seedlings.
  • Higher yields: Produce up to 7-8 tons of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) per hectare in the first year.
  • Increased lifespan: Have a lifespan of 25 years with proper care.
  • Disease resistance: Resistant to Ganoderma and basal stem rot disease.
  • Improved oil content: Offer a higher oil-to-bunch ratio and larger seeds compared to standard varieties.
  • Reduced maintenance: May require less fertilizer than some other oil palm varieties.

What are the ideal growing conditions for Hybrid Supergene Sprouted Seeds?

  • Climate: Consistent annual rainfall of 2000 mm with average temperatures between 22-24°C (minimum) and 29-33°C (maximum). Requires 1800-2000 hours of sunlight annually with at least 5 hours of direct sunlight daily.
  • Soil: Moist, deep, and well-drained medium-textured soils rich in humus content are ideal. Avoid sandy, gravelly, or heavy clay soils.

How to transplant Hybrid Hybrid Supergene Sprouted Seeds?

  • Carefully remove seedlings from the nursery using a spade and gently prune roots.
  • Keep seedlings cool and shaded during transport and plant them as soon as possible.
  • Water the seedlings regularly until established.

How to care for young Hybrid Supergene Oil Palm Trees?

  • Provide regular watering, especially during dry periods.
  • Apply a complete fertilizer containing essential and secondary nutrients, like boron, manganese, and magnesium.
  • During hot summers, ensure your trees receive sufficient sunlight and warmth.

What are the benefits of using polythene bags for raising seedlings?

  • Promotes healthier seedlings with better root development and earlier bearing.
  • Reduces transplant shock due to minimal root disturbance.
  • Allows for longer nursery holding in case of unsuitable field planting conditions.
  • Simplifies tasks like weeding, watering, and culling.


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