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Star force herbicide is a specific fundamental post rise herbicide to control the grasses in broadleaf yields like cowpeas, beans, vegetables, groundnuts, sweet potato, and cassava.

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Portrayal: Selective post-rise herbicide
Dynamic Ingredient: Fluazifop-P-butyl 150 g/L EC
Family: Aryloxyphenoxypropionate


A Bottle of 250ml
A Bottle of 1 Liter
A Carton of 250 ml (40 containers)
A Carton of 1 Liter (12 containers)

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Star force herbicide is a specific foundational post-development herbicide for control of yearly and enduring grasses in harvests like watermelon, groundnuts, irish potato, tomatoes, onions, pineapple, soybean, espresso, bananas and beans.

This item is likewise utilized for synthetic maturing and annihilation of sugarcane as well as concealment of grass development and seedlings on borderlines.

Star force is a post rise herbicide to control the grasses in broadleaf harvests like cowpeas, beans, vegetables, groundnuts, sweet potato, and cassava.

Star force post-rising herbicide gives elevated degrees of target weed control with the extra advantage of further developed harvest or field yield.
This item is explicitly intended to target weeds without harming any encompassing grass.
It guarantees that the whole design of the weed, from the roots up, is obliterated.
It is great for preventing lasting weeds from returning.
Fluazifop-P-butyl 150 g/L EC.

Irish potato
Soybeans, Peas, Groundnuts, Potato, Carrots and dry beans: Use 2 Ltr/Ha.
French beans, Onions: Use 1.2 Liter/Ha.
Sugarcane destruction: Use 5 Liter for every Ha applied on the ground.
As a sugarcane ripener: Use 200-250ml/Ha in 200Ltr water utilizing Knapsack.
PRE-HARVEST INTERVAL: Pineapples 7 days; Beans 60 days; Sugarcane 14 days; restorative plants 32 days.
Arrangement: Fluazifop-P-butyl 150g/L
To create best outcomes, apply star force before weeds surpass 6 leaf stage.
Try not to enter the treated region in something like 1 day after application.
Maize, Sorghum, Wheat and some other grass harvest ought not be established on soils treated with star force for a considerable length of time after application.
Raptor, Lagon, and Paraquat are a portion of our most sought after herbicides.

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  1. Chidinma (verified owner)

    “I like my breakfast simple, but always satisfying. My morning wouldn’t be complete without a nice cup of KELLOGG’S RAISIN BRAN cereal. It tastes great. And, it has a side of 12 vitamins—so

  2. mili (verified owner)

    “Very happy with the sprays. I used the poison for my farm’s insects. We were having so many problems with bugs, but then we tried this product and we’ve been bug free ever since.”

  3. jez (verified owner)

    “I have been using pesticides for many years. It is a safe, easy, and effective way of controlling pests such as flies, fleas, lice, ticks, mosquitoes, mites, and other insects that eat the leaves of plants. I also use it on my cat to kill fleas.””I would highly recommend this pesticide to anyone. it is very effective and I was pleased with the results. It is not as toxic to children and animals if they come in contact with it.”

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